How have you all been fairing, especially with the lockdown and restrictions all as a result of the pandemic that has trapped the entire world?

Well, I have been coping just fine, except for the fact that I need to always wear a mask each time I step out of my house which leaves me gasping for air all the time because I'm claustrophobic.


Thank God for the ease of the total lockdown and things are gradually returning to normal, although I doubt if things will ever be how they use to be but it's a lot better than how it was when it first hit us.

Reminds me of my experience in April, it was the first time I stepped out of the house since the March 30th Lagos lockdown.

I went out to get food refill. Halfway through my journey, I began to wonder if the lockdown was over because of the number of people outside, maybe everyone else has somewhere going or maybe not. So I stopped bothering myself with questions.

The market was busy as usual as if brother COVID was not even in town.
Sellers was excited to see me  "aunty we don miss you o ( wanting to give hugs sef) ah! My chest!!!!!
Me:( with both hands in my pocket to avoid super story) "baba government say make we siddon for house na". 

Did small COVID awareness here and there and off I went to get other things.

I passed by the people grinding pepper on my way out. 
You see, the people who say "if you hold a sneeze you could fracture a rib" let's just say I defiled science that day because no be me them go carry go NCDC on top say I dey sneeze and cough because of pepper.

My usual crave for plantain won't let me be so I decided to visit my customer just across the road. 

Done with my buying and was now waiting for transport by the roadside. Just then, I noticed an okada (motorcycle) approaching on the high way. With a closer look, I noticed his passengers were three lovely babes. While I was admiring their hair which was now flying everywhere like that of Beyonce in a concert I noticed something started flying off their hands. 

Something dropped right in front of me and a closer look I realize it was pizza.
 Ha!!!! More and more dropped until the motorbike finally came to a halt afar off.

 There I was feeling sorry for my sisters that their lunch was gone, next thing okada man landed in front of me and started picking pizza ( no jokes). 

He would pick and take to the babes ( with some beef falling off) come back to pick some more until it was all done. ( insert hit track "egungun be careful, na express you dey") because he was doing all these on the highway. 

He gave them the last piece and that was how my sisters stopped another motorbike and left my brother there. I guess they blamed him for their pizza misfortune.
 When he rode passed me he was complaining, I wanted to ask him what happened but I was too lost in thought wondering whether my sisters will go home and soak the pizza inside a basin of water to get the sand out.

Don't ask me how I got home that day because I was busy with not minding my business with the fallen pizza when I should have been looking out for transport back home. 
Chai! The things you see in this Lagos.

By the time I got home I left everything outside for thorough washing and Tana asked what happened to my clothes.
My humble reply "naked we all came into this world"

We will beat this and overcome.
God will help us through.

Remember to stay safe out there.
Stay at home if you have no business going out.
If you must go out, please wear a mask.
©Rachel Jesuseme


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    1. Hmmm! Even Tory_Teller mouth cannot say it all.

  2. Lagos na wa. Sometimes I wish I can visit that city for two weeks and enjoy the craziness and bustling

    1. SemeWoman will always be here for you anytime.


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