Dear diary, a lot has changed with me since I started this blog exactly a month ago.

I will start by reporting Tana. 
No, we don't fight anymore. We just talk now and I must say very interesting conversations. One we had recently.

Tana: I want to be a mummy when I grow up.

Me: ehn! Why?

Tana: because all mummys do now is just to play with their phone, lazy around and always say Tana tidy up, Tana why is your sister crying? Tana...

Me: Matana Onosetalese Omenai you and who dey lazy around?

Tana: all mummys who play with theirs.

Where ever in heaven's name did she learn that from?
Well, I don't blame her. Every little opportunity I get now, I use it in writing my stories, putting up posts, or replying to email. My phone is my work station.

Me: so what does daddy do?

Tana: (breaths down) Hmmm! Everything daddy says now is "Tana I will soon buy your cane.

That is really very funny. 
Lazying around and buying of cane! I can't deal.

Since this blog, I have also become a nuisance chasing you all to come down here to read a post and share your thoughts. Make una no vex en. Please keep visiting and help spread the word.
Thank you.

Your favorite girl saying thank you!

On a more serious note, I have come to realize that just like Yewande in my first story "full circle", I also need a Chi in my life. 
No, not on an abuse level support thing but just as a support system. I connected with Chi's character so much that I've started to search myself to remind me of the numerous support system I am privileged to have. I am also learning to be more vulnerable and let my flaws out because the truth is every human out there is conquering one demon or the other, just that we tend to hide these demons most of the time and let these demons kill us on the inside which is not the right thing.
God created human beings for connection and not isolation. So, no more isolation and team "reach out" for me. 

On a more serious note, when the story of "full circle" dropped, I got feedback from a lot of people who have either gone through such abuse before or are currently facing such. This is very sad and I am overwhelmed and I have questions too but not today. Hehehe!

I will like to quickly say that marriage is beautiful and I also believe so much in the power of love ( trust me, I'm a helpless romantic) and God ordained marriage as a long lasting institution to establish his kingdom on earth. GOD is the ultimate author of LOVE and He alone empowers for love. John 3: 16 clearly states that out for us.

The devil has only come into the world to steal, kill, and destroy because he is the king of perversion. So in cases where it looks like the king of perversion has entered to distort things, there is a need for intervention. 
Such interventions might be talking to a higher authority or figure, counseling, and sometimes a little time away from the situation in order to reevaluate things.

Remember that God is love and He loves unconditionally no matter what the situation may be.

Can society help us?

Being vulnerable makes you human. Reach out to your Chi.

Please I am coming back for the concluding part of "Forbidden".
See you soon.
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  1. Thank you RachelSweetie!
    You are doing well.
    The difference between a wish and a dream is the work. I love this dream of yours and to turn this baby into an adult, requires alot of work. Consistency and persistence is the key. We dey your back.
    How can I share the blog link? Please put me through.

    1. Thank you so much for the reassuring words Dear Dimples. I truly appreciate it. You can share the blog link using the share icon at the bottom of each post.

  2. Love me some Tana.strong personality.yup we were made to connection and love.please get you some one has it all together,you need a safe place in human form.

    1. She does have a very strong personality.
      Getting all my Chis right away

  3. Hmmm. Tana I don't agree with you my dear. I wish you knew a little of what Mummy goes through. The truth is that in the world of Mummys there is no word called lazy. You can never be a good Mummy and be lazy so take it from me, that moment you think your Mummy is free, she is actually busy doing a million things.
    About the issue of 'Chi" everyone needs one in their life and I won't lie God has surrounded me with many of which I am grateful.
    I have also learnt to be one to as many as I can, that helps to make the world a better place.

    1. Loud it Tory_Teller, no mummy lazy around.

      Thank God for all our Chi. Yes, be a Chi to someone else too.


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