Martins had his meeting that day but he never had any conversation with Alice again or rather, Alice never brought up the matter again.

A month later, he was set to return to Abuja. 

"Babe, I think we need to talk," Martins said to Alice after packing up that night.

"Oh, so you finally found your voice now, right? 

" Hmmm, Alice I know things have been quit awkward between us but please just hear me out. I've really been struggling to keep this to myself but just know that I'm trying to protect you and the children, I don't want any harm to come to my family. I wish...... "

"Please just stop" Alice cut in. "What have you done? You said you want us to talk but you are not saying anything. Who is harming who? The gentlemen club right? Oh, you think I won't find out? What were you thinking, getting yourself involved in such mess Martins? "

By this time Martin was too shocked for word. " how did you find out? Please don't play with fire Alice, these guys are too dangerous". 

"Which guys? I only overheard your conversation with Eric when you were on the phone with him three weeks ago. I don't know anything about that and you better start talking now".

Martins narrated all that has been going on with him right from the first day he reunited with Eric, the gentlemen club members in their church, all the tangling ( oh, that was the hardest part for him), the shady deals he had to do and the many times the club bailed him out of EFCC so she never got to hear of it. 
"Even the hospital is affiliated with the club, that was why they were overly nice to you. These guys are everywhere babe, they have eyes and ears everywhere in the world. I don't know how I got myself caught up in their web. Now they see me as an asset and I have just been made a lord".

"A lord, what does that even mean?" She asked him.

"It means like a regional manager, and I also have power in any state I visit, amongst many other things.

"This is really serious. So why don't you just stop, martins? You need to call it to quit".

"I want to but I can't, these guys are everywhere and they've got a lot of dirt on me. I will be heading straight to jail. The only thing that can truly free a man from the gentlemen web is death. My life is completely ruined Babe" Martins concluded as he began to sob.

"No darling, don't kill yourself with your tongue just yet. Remember there's power in your tongue" said Alice as she tried to console him in a warm embrace.

This hasn't happened for over a year now.

"Babe I don't even know what that word means anymore. I've lost my path with God. Everything I ever knew has left me, God has left me". This time Martin was now crying uncontrollably. 

"God never leaves us, my dear. He has always been and will always be with you. However, there will be consequences for every one of our actions. 
I appreciate you for coming clean with me although it's a little too late. You need to also do the same with God because He alone can get you out of this mess. 
Whatever you chose to do, just know that I love you and I am praying for you. This is not my battle Martins. It is yours to fight. 

The following day, Martin flew back to Abuja.

Two years later Alice is still in the US with the children. 

Martin comes in every now and then to see them.

He has made every attempt to leave the gentlemen club but the more he tries, the more neck-deep he seems to be into it So he finally gave up the hope of leaving. Especially since he has now been saddled with the responsibility of getting new recruits for the club and he is contesting to become a senator. 

And he will win. 
Or don't you think so?

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I trust you enjoyed reading the story. I read it with my heart racing the whole time.
Just like Martins, Many people are neck deep and stuck in situations relationship that is ungodly and unhealthy. If you are one, you need to get out now before it is too late.
Jesus is the only way out.
"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and  I will give you rest"
Matthew 11:28

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  1. Ah! He's tangled?
    There's hope for him in Christ

    1. Over tangled.
      Yes Tory_Teller, Jesus is the only way out.


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