It's been two years since Alice has had birthed her child in the US. What was initially intended to be a few months of maternity trip turned out to be a journey of no return?
No, don't get scared. Nobody died. Well at least, not yet.


In the first month of Alice's stay in the States, things became completely awkward between her and Martins. No more frequent phone calls to check up on her and the baby, not to mention his favorite person Jason. 

Then the hospital visits were just completely off. Her medical team seems too nice in a funny weird way; I mean she wanted to be pampered and well taken care of but something just seemed off about them.

One week before her delivery, Martins flew in to be with her through the process and they welcomed the new addition to the family together, another son, Jayden.

The following day after the christening Alice sat beside Martins in the living room where he was, watching TV but lost in thought as usual. 

She tapped his shoulder as she sat beside him on the sofa "My dear husband" Alice began, "you have done so well for yourself and the family within these few years that things turned around for us but I must tell you that a man without his peace has nothing in this life, no matter the amount of wealth he has gathered for himself.  First, it was the sudden flow of wealth, then the late nights business meetings, your absent-mindedness and deep lost in thought and the worst of it was when I traveled here for the birth of our child, it was almost as if there was no communication between us whatsoever. I have asked a million times what the matter is and you say there's no problem. Martins, I want the truth today, what mess have you gotten yourself involved in?"

Martins put down his head for a while, raised it and took a deep breath, "you worry this your pretty head too much Alice, and who says I'm in a mess? Or have you started seeing vision for me now? He said jokingly as he tried to fondle with her hand in his.

"Martins please don't joke with me. What the hell is going on with you?" She yelled.

"Ok calm down, I will tell...."  Just then the president's call came.

" babes can we talk about this later? I have to take this call, please".

"That's not going to happen, you better put the phone down and start talking. You were saying..." Before Alice could finish her sentence she heard Jayden crying in the room.

She gave a long hiss as she walked into the room to attend to the baby. 

"Hello Martins", came the president's voice from the other end. " calling to remind you about the meeting, and remember, you will be hosting so be prepared". 

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Hmmm! Alice and Martins.

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