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So the journey to my birth began.

My arrival was like the arrival of a queen. Everyone, from church, the university, my mother's office, Iya Bishop's goons, I mean everyone welcomed and treated me like royalty. 

People all over the country shared my parent's testimony and it soon became preacher's favorite sermon topic.
My parent's joy of having me knew no bound. To them, it was more for the strengthening of their faith. 

Oh! My parents loved me! I know I had a special spot in dad's heart. 
Saturdays was a special day in our house. Daddy called it "day of the Lord for my special family". No outing; if he needed to officiate at a wedding or so, he was usually back before 1 pm.
Whenever he was preparing his sermons on Saturdays, dad will always like me to be in the study with him. He called me his "calm in the raging storm" ( just like I call Asher right! Lol). By the way, dad wanted to name me Esther after Queen Esther in the bible and maybe some other churchy name like Miracle but Iya Bishop will have none of that so they went by Yewande; my great grandmother's name because according to my grandmother, her ancestors brought me to her. 
Sometimes I often wonder why dad never struggled with my grandma in some of her traditional ways and belief.

Yes, so I would go into the study with daddy every Saturday and while daddy is preparing his sermons he will stick some Bible verses on his reminder board for me to memorize with his favorite line "The defense of every believer is the army of God's word in your heart during battle" now we don't want to be defeated, Do we?" And my reply as always "no daddy". 

As I grew older,  the bible verses were on the kitchen fridge or kitchen cabinet because I had to join mummy in the kitchen (now don't let me start on her Proverbs 31 woman sermon). Those were unarguable my fondest moments in life. 

Church life was just a bucket of beans. Don't blame me, every child wants to have fun but my own fun was church. 
I spent most of my childhood in the household of God. I was a triangular child; my life was from house, school, church, and house again. No visits or sleepovers at friend's place whatsoever. If anyone wanted to see me, they always knew where to find me. 

Dad still tried to take us abroad sometimes during holidays and whenever he was on leave from work but that rarely happened as there was always one church program or the other.
I attended every service and church activity from bible study to Sunday school, anointing and healing service, breakthrough and deliverance service, singles and married summit, and even counseling sessions with mummy. During some of her counseling sessions, I would eavesdrop whenever I sat close to her even thou she tries as much as possible not to have any conversation whenever I was around.
My ears were usually full of all the man trouble women had in their marriages, sometimes the men come to report their wives too. Mum always had a solution to every one of their problems (so I thought) and it always began with a smile. Mum had the most beautiful smile ever, no matter how chaotic a situation was a smile was always her first reaction.

By the time I got into Senior secondary school, I started attending youth boot camps during the holiday which was fun though. It was during one of these camp meetings I met my friend, Chi Chiamaka Godwin, from Imo state. 
Just like me, Chiamaka was also a special child, She is the only girl child amongst three sons. She was warm and had a smile like mum that could melt any stony heart. We were like minds and so it was very easy for us to be friends and our parents were not left out in the friendship. 
After boot camp, we kept in touch and even started visiting. Soon we were done with secondary school and we both gained admission into the University of Abuja to study our dream courses. University was a breeze and five years down the road Chi and I graduated with first-class in Law and Engineering respectively. 

Immediately after the one-year compulsory NYSC program, we proceeded to the UK for our Masters where the whole show of my life, our lives began.

Bearly six months in the UK, I got back from class one day and met Chi sobbing on the couch. She was deep in thought and didn't notice when I got into our apartment. I asked what the matter was as I held her to a tight embrace. 
"Yewande, Iya Bishop called me," she said as she finally broke down in tears.
"I don't understand. Is this the first time she is calling you? OK, what new thing did she say this time that is making you cry this much like a baby who lost her doll?" I replied as I tried to cheer her up.
Iya Bishop has soon found the habit of calling Chi and me just to find out if we were fine in school and when we are bringing home a man? and she wouldn't end the call without her favorite line "forget book o, your clock is ticking, me I want to carry my great-grandchild o". So I thought one of Iya Bishop's words had gotten Chi at a bad time. 

You know what, let me make you something to cheer you up" I said and made a move to go into the kitchen.
 Chi pulled me back as I made to got up to step into the kitchen.

Yewande please be strong for me, will you? Came Chi's voice again. This time I looked in her eyes and I could tell something was wrong. She held my hands in hers and began again.
Yewande, Iya Bishop called me that Daddy was on his way to the National minister's conference in Abuja with mummy. They had a fatal accident and both didn't make it.
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