I felt a sharp pain in my head that almost felt like the sound from the drumbeat during the Argungun fishing festival. 
I tried to touch my head, open my eyes, and feel my legs at the same time. I tell you it was a struggle.
I finally opened my eyes and saw Chi beside me. 
O, Chi! one of the best things that ever happened to me in life.
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Hi there, my name is Yewande.
Have you been following my story?

I'm sorry I haven't properly introduced myself. Maybe there's nothing really to say about me or maybe it's because I'm not proud of how things have turned out with me so I've just been trying to live my life unnoticed for the past few years.

Yes, my name is Yewande. Yewande Badmus. I'm 35 years old. I am the first, last and only child of Bishop Kunle Badmus (funny, I always liked to introduce myself that way while I was growing up).

Hmmm! Yes, my father is a Bishop! You haven't noticed the way I've been dropping bible characters in my story so far? Oh yeah! I am a church girl.
Growing up was fun or maybe not so fun with My parents Bishop Kunle and Rev. Mrs. Bisola Badmus. Oh! And there was my grandmother too; my father's mother Iya Kunle aka Iya Bishop.

I was told by Iya Bishop how my parents prayed and waited for my arrival for nine solid years. According to her, those were the most dreadful years of her life.
My father was her third child and only son amongst 5 daughters. So you can imagine the pain and worries she went through each year not seeing a child or something that even looks like a pregnancy shoot from my mother. 

My parents apart from being church people were also serious book people. My father was a professor at the University of Ife and my mum worked with the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs as a national field coordinator. Their faith was as strong as their book level.  
Although they knew themselves in the Scripture Union fellowship back in secondary school, they didn't define their relationship until after the university before courting and thereafter getting married.

One year after the wedding and there was no sign of pregnancy they decided to do a fertility check just to be sure there were no issues. The checks were done and everything was certified OK. So they decided to trust God to bless them with a child at the right time and in His own time. 

Iya Kunle loved her son with her life and for her, that love had to be transferred to his wife too ( no darling, Iya Kunle wasn't a wicked mother-in-law. Lol). Iya Kunle was always coming up with suggestions of what herb to take and which prophet or prayer house to visit but according to her, my mother's reply was always that "God will make everything beautiful in His own time" and without any bother whatsoever.

 Until one day, on their 9th wedding anniversary, when Iya Bishop came to visit and shower them with her usual prayers of "we shall hear the cry of a baby in this house and I will carry my grandchild" my mum broke the news to her. 
"Mama e ma gba dura mo.oluwa ti gbo adura wa,ohun ti anwa,oluwa ti she, I am pregnant. Mami your heart desires have been fulfilled e fi eyin pomo monon"
"Ki Len soo?" My grandmother asked.
I say you will have a grandchild to carry on your back soon. Iya mii, I am pregnant. 

*********   *********   **********  **********

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