This could serve as your perfect Monday morning motivation for "aspire to refire" but this village girl has a story to tell you.

Please come along with me.

Growing up as a little village girl back in Uzebba has left me with a lot of cherished moments and lessons too.

If you grew up in the village like me say hi, you would probably remember this. If you did not, walk with me. That's why I am here as your favorite storyteller, you are sure going to enjoy this.
               I've always been a stunner

My mother, Iyan Joshua (mama Joshua) will always say "the river you will fetch water from cannot run dry just because you got to it late"  I will break this down.

You see, when you set out on a journey to the river, your main target is to fetch water, or wash your clothes, or in some cases even wash plates. OMG! Writing about this now has left me in stitches (lol). 

On your way to the river, you will meet people who are either returning or going to the river just like you. Sometimes, those returning can stop on the way to chat with you, and sometimes you are carried away by gist and you almost forget your own mission. 

By the time you remember, you help them carry their water pot on their head and off they go. Now you have left with your own mission once again.

When you finally get to the river, it is a whole show altogether. Some are there to fetch water, some to wash clothes/plates, some are there just to have their bath ( can you imagine), some are there to chase girls/ boys. Some just like me don't even have any business going to the river but they go anyway because of friends who are going. Don't even let me get started with the ones that will be there just to show their Olympic skills, that was how I kept on gulping gallons of water each time I tried to learn how to swim, I digress. 

The distraction in the river is even more than it was on your way to the river. While in that state of being carried away, there are some people who will meet you in the river, do their business and off they go and you are still there.

When you finally decide to go home, on your way devil struck.

I will tell you what happens. There are usually some bad guys who will tie grasses together on the road to block your way and if you are not watchful and careful, you could fall. If you are lucky and your water pot doesn't break, you can quickly run back to the river to refill but if you are unlucky and your mother isn't as kind as mine, you will need the help of the entire village to be rescued from her beating by the time you get home with a broken pot.

The river is the life we live in. 

In the journey of life, you will meet a lot of distractions. People who are in the last lap to their own success but would rather derail you from achieving yours. This is not bad at all, distractions here and it is allowed but the ability to take charge and own your dream is key.
When you are already in that river of success, feeling like you have arrived please do not let down your guards because the distractions are even more here.

In the ladder of success when that pot of water is filled and well balanced on your head, that is the time to "shine your eyes" because one wrong move and everything will come crashing down and you could lose it all. 

This is the part where God's grace is available that no matter how badly life has traveled, God's river never runs dry. Come ask me about grace!
                      Child of Grace

I do not know much but I do know for a fact that no matter the time you are finally able to get to your own river of life, there will always be water for you to fetch. It can never run dry just because you got to it late.

Peradventure your water pot keeps breaking and life keeps beating you for breaking your pot and missing that golden opportunity. E no go fit kill you at all. 

Get up and go again.

Even God knew you would fall so He sent this beforehand; "The godly may trip seven times, but they will get up again." (Proverbs 24:16A NLT).

End of story!

Please I am going to gist with my village people now.
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 © Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Your story took me to memory lane although I never went to the stream to fetch water. But I grew up with my granny who makes sure we always end up in the village every week for farming.😊 It's a good memory, she thought me alot.

    1. Such a memory to cherish forever.
      Thanks for reading

  2. I lost a nail from my toe den due to d act of doz badz boyz u spoke of n it was very close to Xmas den., imagine not going out on xmas day cus I couldn't wear my new show.
    I nu fit go out say EDI (Thanks) n no money b dat

  3. Awesome, this right here came to time.we keep falling but is solid assurance we will get up and triumph

  4. Thank you for this.
    The message is clear.
    We'll go again.

    1. Yesssss, we keep pushing no matter what because the only way we are going is FORWARD.
      Thanks for reading

  5. You are a fantastic writer cant wait for more


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