Hurry! Welcome to a new month!

The month of May was super aMAYzing.
As you already know, this baby was birthed in May and I'm sure you had big news to celebrate too.

June is going to be a joyful month for us all and we look forward to more exciting stories and juicy gist from this blog.

                    #Joyful June 

My special friend Ejiro is celebrating his birthday today. Happy birthday, Ejiasky.
Please drop a comment if it is your birthday and you would love to be given a special "shout out". You already know! Na our blog be this. I am just a comment or message in my mailbox away.

FYI: our first story will be dropping this week and you already know, we are sharing real-life stories and issues here. No holding back whatsoever, so you stay put and come along with your tight-fitting socks because it's going to be the ride of a lifetime.

Remember to kindly subscribe to this blog so you get notifications for when a new post is up because you don't want to miss any gist.

 See you around.

© Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Thanks for celebrating me, using your platform .... Thankful

  2. Welcome to JUNE a month where every unsettled matter will be given a positive attention.


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