This could serve as your perfect Monday morning motivation.

One of the ways God uses in shaping me is having to learn from my children all the time.

So I used to have major fights with Matana when she was much younger ( it was a big struggle, I can't even lie). She would ruin any of my property within her reach, from makeup to dresses especially the ones with embroidery or just anything shiny. All she needed was to look for a small piece to pull and everything will be in the ruin and this was a big challenge for me as I was also pregnant with Ari at the time. 
     Her legendary blush 

Papa even advised I keep My things out of her reach but that didn't really work because the minute she's able to reach it we are back to the same circle. I will just wonder why my child was ruining my things and crying was always my final resort ( I'm a cry baby, lol).

Then, I discovered she loves makeup and loves to play dress-up too.
 The first thing I did was to explain that makeup isn't for her age and she stayed off, not completely though.
    Just look at this child!

Back to playing dress-up; I started giving her her clothes to try on and sometimes even mine too. Just so I can get her off my things and even have time for myself.

 I would watch her struggle with the clothes until she's finally able to put them on but not without wearing them in some funny ways like wearing a skirt around her neck or short on her head.

But she kept trying. 

She would sweat and even cry and sometimes fall asleep while she's on the struggle but she never gave up.

She remained consistent and by the time she was turning three, she could perfectly dress up all by herself.
            October 2019

Wait! What? There I was thinking that giving her those clothes will get her off my back or even serve as punishment, but for Matana it was something else
She saw an opportunity to unveil herself and with consistency and perseverance, she mastered the art.

She was also able to pay more attention to taking care of her property and have the liberty of choosing what to wear since she never has to worry about not being dressed by me.

By the time Ari joined the gang, it was a case of following footsteps for the two of them as Ari completely lives her life off everything Matana does, and at age two, Ari is working towards becoming a pro herself. Talk about mentorship!
      Tana and her muse Ari, April 2020

Now here's the shocker! As much as Matana knows how to properly dress, she still calls out to me almost all the time for help or to show her what right side to put on with her phrase " but I am just a baby".

Ever come across Proverbs 3:5_6
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
  in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight".

Just like Tana, I am learning to use every situation/ challenge to become a better version of myself. 
Perseverance and consistency are key.

It is ok to feel incapable sometimes.
Being vulnerable makes you human so don't sweat your flaws too much.

This is my little moment of truth.

What lessons are you learning from the people or situations around you?
Talk to me in the comment section.

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  1. Great one Rachel! Am indeed inspired by this write up. Am tempted to think that one of the basic survival skills for 'girl' children is to dress up. My both daughters are top leaders in this dressing with mummy's cloth down to my pants and breastcut (that's what they call bra by the way). One day the younger wore my but pad and came out to the sitting room where we had visitors. Ye!!!!! I rush my thing from her waist jor. This girl want to disgrace her father's people not me o. My wigs are not spared too...ewo am not complaining!

    I've missed the blog. My phone was bad and I wanted a replacement because Dear hubby won't shake body until it kpafuka.
    Am happy to be back and will be doing a lot of catching up.

    Great day everyone.

    1. Yayyyyyy Dear Dimples inna the building! We have missed you here plenty plenty.
      This "girl" children mean us o.
      Congratulations on your new phone, please share puffpuff with the tribe to celebrate.

  2. True these children also teach us something but our ability to have an open mind and accept the lessons is most important.

    1. Being open minded with children is key because there is always a lesson to learn from every of their actions.

  3. Matana banana and Ari sugar😍 daughters are such treasures.

    1. Such great treasures indeed.
      Sending a truck load of kisses to our own Ari.

    2. Nice one Seme, my daughter always goes for my wigs��. We all need the grace to be perseverant because consistency is key!

    3. Plenty of grace to keep going.
      Thanks for reading Rukevwe


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