“Take away love and our earth is a tomb”. 
Robert Browning.

God sends us love in various forms and one of them is our Fathers.

A father is a person who stands by your side no matter what. He loves his children unconditionally and the beauty of the relationship is that he does it all without demanding anything in return. The love and hidden affection in each of his acts are tremendously blissful. There’s nothing in the Universe that can give as much pleasure as the love of a father.
A girl’s first Love ❤️  
He should be admired for what he does for everyone in the family. He is one of the most influential people in our life. No matter what, he will keep protecting you.

Little wonder Tana, my four years old said something recently that resonated with me; 
"All daddies fix the house, daddies are superheroes".

My fondest memories as a child is that of my father being a fixer and superhero fixing whatever was broken or not working in the house. 

Even when we were hungry (from refusing to eat Mom’s food because Dad is a better cook😁), or had misbehaved, mummy will always say "When your daddy comes back....". So we always looked forward to Fridays when daddy will be back from his base where he was serving as the Director of Fishery in Edo ADP. 

True to it, as soon as daddy steps down from the car, he drops his title as "The Director" rolls up his sleeves and put on his cape as the superhero that he is. 
                               My Superhero

From preparing sumptuous meals, to getting the girls warm press for menstrual cramps. Please don't let me get started on the times we got lashes on our backs (especially me🙈) whenever we misbehave, but all that are what truly makes a Father.

Matana and Dada 

Fathers are one of the most influential people in a child's life. So I wonder what influence our new generation father is having on our children. 

These days, besides all the atrocities, there is a new trend of fathers who have chosen to step down from their positions as superheroes and have now decided to exist as "absentee fathers" leaving the entire burden of raising a child to the mother alone as she breaks her back and goes to bed every night with tears in her eye with unrest and uncertainties of the next day. 
This is not good and there is a need for a change. 
Please Fathers, do better.

Matana and Matilda’s Superhero

Today, we celebrate all Fathers regardless of what the circumstances are.
You are our superheroes and we are proud you are in our lives.
We love you. 

To all our Fathers and Father figures,

Drop your Father's day wishes and say a prayer for our Fathers in the comment section.

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Love always, 
© Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Awww.
    Awesome piece.
    Seme has hooked me again.
    Thank you for reminding us how important fathers are.
    I hope every male reading this post braces himself to the responsibility expected of him beginning from the day he decides to channel his penis into his wife's vagina, because that is actually when the title start.
    You don't even have to start from your own children, take care of every child around you, niece, nephew, cousin, neighbor, anyone at all.
    Happy Father's Day!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading this piece.
      Yes dear, our men need to do better.

    2. I totally agree!
      Take responsibility for every child around you.
      It takes a village...

  2. So trueeee. God bless all our father figure. Thank you seme tribe for sharing the beauty of fathers.

  3. Nice one.
    As my papa don die tay tay,
    Happy father's day to every father out there.

    1. Awww! I am sure papa is looking down on you with proud smiles seeing the woman he raised. Hugs to you Dear Dimples.

  4. May God help us to raise the next generation of excellent men!

  5. Happy Fathers Day to all dad's out there, thanks for all that you do!

  6. I always love to read from you. Yes, fathers are our superhero, lots of times I wonder how we can live life without them. They play a significant role in our lives. I pray for mothers who have doubled up as fathers and still be a mom for their kids that God will sustain and care for them.

    1. Oh, this gladdens my heart, thank you for the continued support.

      We thank God for father, and Amen to your prayers for every mother playing the double role.

      Thanks for reading Tina.

  7. Wow, that was an interesting piece,may God help all father figure to stand in their possition, may they not fail in Jesus name Amen

    1. A say a resounding Amen to that prayer.

      Thanks for reading


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