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Welcome to a new week.
This could be your Monday Morning Motivation.
So, I got back from the saloon recently and had the most intriguing conversation with Tana.

Me: Tana is my hair beautiful?
Tana: Mummy can I have some plantain, please?

Like someone whose remote is being controlled somewhere (don't blame me, too much Africa magic) I rushed to the kitchen and in a wink, plantain was ready.

Me: (Noticing that my small madam was almost done with her fried plantain) "Tana what do you say about my hair na?"
 Tana: It is ok
Me: (Becoming uneasy now) "Tana just ok? Say my hair is beautiful jor".
Tana: Okkkkk, if you say so then it is beautiful but mummy you know I don't like your hair. I told you only boys cut their hair (we had this conversation earlier when I first cut my hair in October last year) 
My first big chop

Tana: "Now you put color and I can't see my teacher to tell me the color of your hair" (we are still arguing if my new hair color is brown or gold and she trusts her teacher to be able to tell) 
Tana: "Mummy, I don't know what to say about your hair" (As she put the last piece of plantain In her mouth).
My first colored hair

Ah! My chest!
I've been used.
My four year old just played me.

As I sat back to think over my conversation with Tana, The Holy Spirit began to remind me about something.
The truth is that we all have a certain Tana in our lives.
Tana is our truth; could be our conscience, a friend and for a believer the Holy Spirit. It is usually a reminder to take us back to our truth. 

The truth is, half the time we know what is RIGHT and TRUE but we chose to lie to ourselves and even arm twist (bribe, cajole or force) people around us to feed us with LIES and WHAT WE WANT TO HEAR rather than hear the TRUTH.

God places people in our lives to constantly remind and call us back whenever we stray. It is your responsibility to know the TRUTH and stay TRUE.

So rather than live a LIE choose to live your truth and allow your Tana witness to your inner man.

In the words of Harold Perrineau from  the movie "The Best Man "If you do not define yourself for yourself you will be swallowed up by other people's fantasy."

Know thyself and stay true.

My chest is still paining me from my plantain that went down just like that.
I am coming back.
Reference: The Best Man

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  1. Everyone that lies knows the truth, anyone that does wrong knows d right thing to do. But sometimes we are caught in a conner DAT we just do wat we have to do. I pray God to help.

    1. May God help us to know and to stay true. Thanks for reading Emmyness.

  2. I’m inspired πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

    1. Great!!!
      Stay inspired. Thanks for reading Diane.

  3. Replies
    1. You are most welcome OMI.
      It's been a while here, what have you been up to?
      Please share with the TribeπŸ˜€

  4. Children can be very uncensored with their words though


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