Hey Tribe,
It's another Monday again. This could be your Monday Morning Motivation. Allow me to take you on a little journey down memory lane. 

So, recently Papa Matana decided to rearrange the house and discard everything I have had tied up under the staircase since forever. He says I keep things that are no longer useful in the house like an old woman. Do you know like those old women who tie up nylon bags inside another nylon bag and inside another? Yeah, that's his description of me but I know It is not true, lol.

Back to my story, so he was clearing things out and something, in particular, caught my attention. This particular item is a soothing cream he had bought when I just birthed Tana in 2016 and she had a really bad skin condition. The first thing I did when I saw it was to laugh really hard. 

Ok, let me give you a little gist about this particular cream. Remember my NYSC village girl days? Read up the story here. So I happen to be in the company of some wonderful people during the tail end of my service year. One of these days, someone mentioned that I was beginning to have sunburn and rashes on my face and she went ahead to offer me a cream I could use to get rid of them. I thanked her and went to my room afterward, shortly after another person followed me into my room and asked that I return the cream immediately saying that the real owner was angry that a village girl like me was given her cream. 
My chest! What's my own? I asked her to return it sharply. I wasn't going to use it anyway. Back then, I always believed sleep and milkshake could cure anything and that was all I needed and was going to use for my face, Lol.

So, you can imagine the humor when I saw this almighty expensive cream meant for city girls alone lying amongst dirt under my staircase and worse of, it's been there for five years and it wasn't even used for what it was bought for.

You can imagine if I had allowed that incident to get a hold of me at that time or even feel downcast because someone felt I wasn't good enough or up to a certain standard.

Life indeed is in phases. The things we hold on so dearly to right now might not necessarily have that so much value as time goes on. So be careful what you place your value on. Be mindful of what you spend Your time and resources on. 
On the other hand, the things you wish you had now will surely come. It is important to sieve out the noise and focus on the things that are truly important in life. 

Your dreams and visions are very important but what purpose will it serve to humanity when it eventually materializes. Chasing after those luxury things are good but what is your motive and exactly how are you going about it?

Everything will eventually fall into place, it might take time but it will come.

Just like a woman who is heavy with child, Every day she hopes and looks forward to the day of her delivery and each night she goes to bed the next morning is a step closer to her delivery. The same thing with a student in school, Every examination is a step closer to his graduation day. 
Everything will eventually fall into place, just give it time.
All good things will come at the right time.
Keep hope alive.
You are enough.
You are good enough.

PS: I am never throwing away all my nylon and this cream of course. Papa Matana just have to deal with this village girl.

Peace out!

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Thank you for being such a big family for me here.
I truly love you all.

© Rachel Jesuseme


  1. This really inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sometimes its okay being the village girl hehehe
    Thanks for encouraging me.
    Motive matters it really does.


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