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Can someone tell KieKie I'm a fan? 
I love her fashion show and she just started another show  "kiekie unscripted".  On the show, she was talking about things they don't tell you about marriage, lol. I practically rolled on the fall when she said her manly fiance is not so manly, as per the husky manliness was packed at the garage after the wedding. She said if he calls her by a name, alas! a child is born on that day. 

It was incredibly funny cause I could so relate. My hubby looking for stuff, "baby I can't find so so". I stand up and open the closet and it's right in front of me, even winking. 
"Mr bro how did you miss it"? I ask.

The " baby did you see this", "baby did you see that"? "Baby hand me my breath I need to breathe". At this point, I'm like Kilode na? ( what is it?). When did I born baby? Lol.

When we newly got married, when he screams I rush to him leaving everything. Only to get there and see he bumped his feet against the wall. These days I have learned when he screams crap in serious sharp pain, I yell out "you ok"?.  Then says what it is, obviously, it's not so serious. Dude just has a low threshold to pain. So I yell out "sorry" even if I think he could have just chested the pain and not scream down the building. 

The one that vexes me gan, is when you are in the middle of something super important and he comes to ask your opinion and you leave what you doing and give your opinion, do analysis and give a speech and he goes back to do what he wants. I ask myself so why was I consulted in the first place. 

Another thing that leaves me terribly pissed is when he helps out with the kiddo. The questions I get leaves me more drained. "Should I put the food on the plate to feed him"?. Thoughts in my mind that can't be voiced out, " no don't use a plate, how about foot mat"?
But I just nod and say "use plate".

When he helps bath the baby and starts drama over what he will wear, " just look into his closet and get him something".
The help now looking like an actual bother.

Watching a movie with my hubby is like writing a love letter to HBP.
The shouts and screams, in my mind I'm like but they have a soundtrack and sound effects why the extra from you sir?. 
Then he talks and analysis the movie all through the movie the way SPORT journalist used to go during football march.
I kuku wee leave him and the movie out of vexing.

Then the one that I will just vex and off everything is when he has seen the movie, he will just be saying each scene. I will say chill, use body language and gestures to say stop. Dude doesn't get it. Till I get up,  put off the tv and face him "oya tell me" because there is no point in watching.

These men can be so annoying, but annoyingly we love having them around and miss their absence. 

Ile Oko (matrimonial home), Ile eko for real.

My patience and ability to be tolerant has increased. Still don't have the right dose yet, but I keep growing.

Written by: RoyalityFly
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  1. Interesting. What I don’t understand though is how they can quickly switch from “ I am the Man of the house to “Baby” 😀😀 Baba God give us the correct formula ooo🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. That switch is really a mystery.
      Amen to the formula.
      Welcome to the Seme Tribe Diane🙌

  2. That's why TWO is better than ONE.


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