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So lately I have been feeling off. I had an entangling situation with my neighbor and just managed to get resolve from the entanglement, Iol. The internet went agog with the word "entanglement, Jada, and Will's" situation and couldn't help but use the word. 

There was a windstorm and this really massive tree in my property fell and destroyed my neighbor's car and caused some minor damage to his building. He discovered this in the morning, he came right to our door knocked and informed me of the situation.

I threw on decent clothing and went out to see the damage and discuss the way forward from this "entanglement" nature brought forth. In the process of our dialogue his daughter, a teen came out, she owns the car. She was carrying a baby of about 3 months old and her boyfriend who lived there was with us.

My nose was up in disgust as the Nigerian that I am. My mind left the pressing issue at hand and went into a full judgmental zone. This girl is about 16 at the most, her boyfriend is 17 at the most. They live at her father's with the baby. orishirishi! 
I think and catch myself instant tan. "who made you judge? Are you too holy? 
Less than five minutes with people you have made assessments jumped into conclusions and deemed them wayward and unrighteous. I called myself to order real quick, but my mind traveled in thoughts. 
I'm pondering isn't there a better way?. We Nigerians are so quick to judge and condemn, leaving room for young kids to cover their acts, consequences of premarital sex. Abortion sells like no man's business, innocent children aborted and killed. Many young girls/ females died from complications from abortions and some bear the brunt of being barren from complications. 

Doesn't it make sense to correct and still accept people who have gone astray? If parents have the resources to support their kids who happen to be in this situation isn't it better? They are actually fulfilling scripture, "go into the world and multiply", even if it's not done rightly, but it's way better than going against Scripture by taking life. 

The family accepting them and supporting them is even curbing escapades and reducing soul ties and multiple partners. They are young and responsible for their child, they grow together under the guidance of parents and be better. 

It's a no go topic, but I know girls who aborted for their boyfriends, he is there with them, making hot thick Milo and ensuring she uses her drugs after each abortion. They eventually break up, she wails "after all I have been through", and is pained for a while and gets into another relationship. I also know a chick who got knocked up and delivered her baby at thirteen. It was,    shameful, she was the talk of the street for a while but I noticed she was more morally upright than most of us in her age group as we grew older. She stood out and had nothing to do with boys. Her son and education were her worlds. yet she had been stigmatized and labeled wayward. The slang "na who them catch be a thief" meanwhile we all steal but have not been caught. 

So I'm thinking live and let others live. Figure out your salvation and work it out. Leave being judgemental, empathize, and lead people to Christ, and don't let your actions farther drive them into sin. 
We constantly pray for God's grace and mercy.


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  1. Hmm. This is a very serious issue. I think condemnation is naturally in our DNA. May the spirit of God help to always stay on the right path.

    1. So true. We must stop casting stone at people.
      Amen, may God help us

  2. Very salient thoughts. We must make room for forgiveness and healing. Nobody holy pass. We can do better, as individuals, and as a community!


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