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RoyaltyFly is a writer who loves to pen down her many life experiences in her journey to healing.
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To Be or Not To Be... 
The past is in your head while the future is in your hand. Getting past the past in your head is the work. 

Lately, I have moved on and resolved the past, taken in the lesson, and running with a glorious future. Lessons learned from yesteryear; friends will make you or mar you, pursue healthy, lifting, and spirit filled friendship. 

When my marriage was going down in my face, Bobo had robbed me of me. I felt worthless and like the one with the problems and complications. It took me one thought to power back. I felt awful like the evil one but in the darkness, I remembered I have had relationships from way back, friendships from Secondary School, University and they were still intact; growing strong. So if I was that terrible how come I still had good friends with who still vibed with me?

That was the turning point. That thought pulled me out from the shithole I was in. I was so far gone that I became someone else.

Met Arin pumping 'omo logba logba' She was so up to date and she opened my eyes to the beautiful, bewitching world of a Joe. So this very tush me who knew nothing about a Joe started 'Waka Waka'. From Prophet to Prophets... 'Ile Alfa to Ile Alfa'... 
'Omo we waka sotey we met Alfa Cotonou'. Arin and her friends will say 'Baba yi gbona gan. Je ka sa she e'.

Chai! your jolly good 'Omo mummy' was getting exposed to the dark side of things because she wanted to keep her home and remain 'MRS' fa. 

On one of the many 'waka'. Alfa said to call his name three times sitting on this 'apoti' and cook with this cowry. Yours faithfully like a programmed mumu kuku got home sat on 'apoti' at 12 midnight and called his name. I was about to get up to cook as instructed before it dawned on me that 'Kini gbo gbo kati kati bayi?' "Is this Mrs that serious that you have turned an underlying witch? Up at midnight calling an Idiot's name on a wooden dwarf stool? Nna men! I don fuck up".

I never ever saw my mom do any of this crap. At what point did I let desperation take over me? I had beautiful relationships. Girlfriends who would go any length for me, because they cared and valued our friendship. So, if this 'morafucker' doesn't care and doesn't want to build a home, it's his loss. I got up and threw out the 'apoti' and cowry and went to bed. 

I woke up to a knock. It was my new paddy I met through Arin; Bisi. Bisi ha! 'Awon ele e gba Jesus, Firebrand, Tongue speaking MFM Christian.' How did we both get along with Arin? We asked. 
Arin na the 'ChrisTradIslam' type. We laughed and it was a turning point in my life. 
All roads led to MFM. I was saved from that dark life. The marriage still crashed.  

I wish I could have told you differently that we lived happily and very Godly ever after but my baby's first words were "die by fire". 

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Have you ever had to do the unimaginable to keep your marriage or relationship? What did you do and how long the extra mile did you go?. What happened at the end?
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