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Good morning Tribe. It is your Monday morning motivation again and we will be having a continuation of last week's series on Surviving COVID-19 and the mindset shift. I shared the three tools I've had to embrace in his season for my mindset shift; Self realization, Self appraisal, and Self evaluation. We also had an amazing guest highlight featuring "The extraordinary market woman" and launching a new business in this season. If you missed last week's post, kindly click to read  here Today I am sharing my "COVID-19 survival starter pack". Yes, you read right, "MY COVID-19 SURVIVAL STARTER PACK" It is no longer news that the whole world is in uncertainty right now. So we need to be deliberate with whatever we are doing and going on around us. Growing up as I child, my father will always say "your company defines who you are at the end of the day" and I've had to constantly remind myself of these very words.  My association, overtim


Dear Same Tribe,  How are you all doing this fine Friday afternoon? I am well, thanks for asking. I had an encounter with a little someone sometimes ago and trust me to share with you all. You all know what the good book in Proverbs chapter 22 verse 6 says? "train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." I have been trying my best in bringing up my girls, Tana and Tilda aka Ari in the way of the Lord and I just might have shot myself on the foot. Tana said what? Oh no, she didn't. Please read. So I read somewhere in one of the female groups I belong to online that women could use the baby diaper as sanitary towels *side eye at you all*. That was how I decided to experiment with Ari's diaper and boom! Tana caught me in the art. She started asking me what I was doing with Ari's diaper and if I asked before taking what does not belong to me (no thanks to all the lecture on not taking people's things without asking)  She


Hey Tribe! How are you all feeling today? Good, I guess. Thanks for asking I am well too. You already know you all give me the strength to carry on and keep going. Thank you. So, today is woman crush Wednesday *side eye at all the men in Seme Tribe", please don't be jealous. You know I gat you, your Man crush day is coming soon.  Share your stories and experiences with Seme Today, our Tribe member is sharing her experience on her journey to becoming a "Mrs". RoyaltyFly is a writer who loves to pen down her many life experiences in her journey to healing.  Read about one of her many experiences below... March 20th, 2010, almost seven months pregnant. I had my court wedding and my traditional marriage. Prior to this day, I tried to talk about vehicle arrangements with the husband to be, met with a brick wall. I used my elder brother's EOD and sent the decor lady to his house to decorate whatever it was he had come up with. Discussion and preparations of this said w


Good morning Tribe! It's our Monday Morning charge up again. This could be your perfect Monday morning motivation but I want to share a few tips on how I have been surviving COVID-19; no, not the disease but the times and season. According to the World Health Organization, COVID-19 was announced as a pandemic on 11 March 2020, and since then, the whole world has been filled with uncertainty.  The world has also shifted and adjusted its ways to fit into the time and season we are in at the moment. I mean, I personally would never have thought there would be a day I will not be able to be gathered together in fellowship with my brethren. There were times I didn't go to church and I had to be chased around with phone calls but never for once did I think there will be a day and time I would want to go to church and not be able to. I have also missed hugs a lot. My family used to tease me that hugging people is like a compulsory task that I must do. If you were meeting me for the fi


It's a new month Tribe! The pain behind the smile every time I put it out. If I tell you, you would probably not believe me so I'll let it pass. Life can throw you all shades of pain but there is always grace no matter how little it may be, I mean you're still alive right! Yeah. Remember Noah in the ark, with all the creepy animals and all that smell he had to keep up with for all those days it rained?. His investments and years of pain washed away with the flood. Nothing was left for him out there except the breath of life in him. Then the rain ceased. The rainbow appeared and everything CHANGED. This flood is only but for a season. Trials and temptations may flood in now, making everything seems like you will be washed away with it. That's a lie! Hang in there. Your rainbow will show up sooner than you know it, and boy! It's going to be so a colorful one. I decree an end to every flood in your life and may God cause the rainbow to appear for your sake. Amen I pray