It's a new month Tribe!
The pain behind the smile every time I put it out.
If I tell you, you would probably not believe me so I'll let it pass.

Life can throw you all shades of pain but there is always grace no matter how little it may be, I mean you're still alive right! Yeah. Remember Noah in the ark, with all the creepy animals and all that smell he had to keep up with for all those days it rained?.
His investments and years of pain washed away with the flood. Nothing was left for him out there except the breath of life in him. Then the rain ceased. The rainbow appeared and everything CHANGED.

This flood is only but for a season. Trials and temptations may flood in now, making everything seems like you will be washed away with it. That's a lie!
Hang in there.
Your rainbow will show up sooner than you know it, and boy! It's going to be so a colorful one.

I decree an end to every flood in your life and may God cause the rainbow to appear for your sake.

I pray that this month and the rest of the year be as beautiful as my smile each time I let it out.

Have the most colorful month.
Happy new month!!!

© Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Amen!! I pray same for you too. Happy New Month.

  2. This was so encouraging.
    Thank you for this.
    Enjoy the month of August!

  3. Amen. An uplifting and inspiring post. Happy new month to you

    1. It's a pleasure to have you here always Ehis.
      Happy new month.


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