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So, today is woman crush Wednesday *side eye at all the men in Seme Tribe", please don't be jealous. You know I gat you, your Man crush day is coming soon. 
Share your stories and experiences with Seme

Today, our Tribe member is sharing her experience on her journey to becoming a "Mrs". RoyaltyFly is a writer who loves to pen down her many life experiences in her journey to healing. 
Read about one of her many experiences below...

March 20th, 2010, almost seven months pregnant. I had my court wedding and my traditional marriage. Prior to this day, I tried to talk about vehicle arrangements with the husband to be, met with a brick wall. I used my elder brother's EOD and sent the decor lady to his house to decorate whatever it was he had come up with. Discussion and preparations of this said wedding were solely on me. What are you wearing for the registry? He replies "jeans and a shirt", mogbe! I mean it's cool but I'm not ready to be the first to start the trend, not even with my bulging belly, wearing such will spell the obvious. 50k was wired into his account. I texted him "that's for your suit". Gave him his 10 yards of the two lace I picked and bought for his agbada, told him he had to wear brown footwear for one and black for the other, he yelled "black is all he's got" that's ok, I nod in agreement. Pata pata I will instruct the photographer to take half length pictures. His lack of cooperation was tireing, stressful to say the least. If common sense was common shebi I won't go ahead, but this MRS is a must I can not carry last. To wear a ring on my fourth finger is my destiny. It must happen by hook or by crook.

Written by RoyalityFly

Interesting read from RoyalityFly and thank you for sharing your experience with the Tribe. Tribe, read an update on how  the "by hook or crook" marriage went here

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Here's a few notes on what I will like to add as my own comment.
Marriage is a beautiful thing but it can also be something that leaves you with a sour taste forever. However, there are a few things that should be looked into before jumping into the "I do" ship.

First, Commitment from both parties is one thing that should be carefully looked into when considering a life partner. No one owns a business and is not concerned about the growth and wellbeing of that business. Marriage is a serious business and a lifetime one at that.

Second, pressure for or in marriage is fatal, it leads nowhere but a distraction. When you put yourself into pressure, you are boxed into a corner and most irrational decisions are taken in such situations. 

Third, know yourself and what you want out of life. It is only when you know where you are going that you know the right vehicle to take. Otherwise, everything goes. 

Love, romance and every other thing in between will fall into place.
In destiny and in marriage particularly, we must be deliberate in every one of our actions and steps taken. 
No pressure!

Like our marriage experts will say " marriage is a school you don't graduate from". 
I will love to add that "you better chose a classmate and seat partner you will be ready to take this life long institution with" otherwise it will be failure and discomfort all the way.

Tribe, pease drop one marriage advice in the comment section. Someone might just be learning a life changing lesson from you.

Should you want to share your story or experience with the Tribe, kindly use the contact form to reach me or use the mail address in my profile.
Let's do life together.

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  1. Phew! How many times did I think 'mogbe!' while reading this?! Inside life.

  2. Marriage eh! Hmm. They did not explain it very well to us oh. That's why you must be very very ready before you step in. The lessons are unending. Truth is, don't ever rush into it else you may be forced to rush out of it.

    1. So true, there should be no pressure whatsoever to rush into marriage.

      We need a manual by the way😀😀😀

  3. Marriage. Its about tolerance, commitment to make it work because challenges must always present itself. Healthy communications too. Not just blabbing. And when it starts getting boring, try spicing it off. And above all, prayer is the key. The family that prays together, stays together.
    I like your Hubby's style o. Guy man can't kill himself Abeg.

    1. Very key points Ehis. We are happy to learn from you.

      Lol, that is RoyalityFly though.


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