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It is your Monday morning motivation again and we will be having a continuation of last week's series on Surviving COVID-19 and the mindset shift. I shared the three tools I've had to embrace in his season for my mindset shift; Self realization, Self appraisal, and Self evaluation. We also had an amazing guest highlight featuring "The extraordinary market woman" and launching a new business in this season. If you missed last week's post, kindly click to read here

Today I am sharing my "COVID-19 survival starter pack". Yes, you read right, "MY COVID-19 SURVIVAL STARTER PACK"

It is no longer news that the whole world is in uncertainty right now. So we need to be deliberate with whatever we are doing and going on around us. Growing up as I child, my father will always say "your company defines who you are at the end of the day" and I've had to constantly remind myself of these very words. 

My association, overtime has soon become "MY COVID-19 SURVIVAL STARTER PACK" and I am happy to share this testimony with my Tribe.

My starter pack comprises of the following.

1. My wireless speaker has the most amazing gospel songs and sermons ever. Everything in there is deliberately selected and put in there for a reason. So at some times when I need to charge up my spirit or just need some soothing words for my soul, I know exactly what to listen to.

Please browse through this blog to read up on all the posts from my worship corner series.

2. My Bible. I am a practical Christian and my bible is my daily guide and manual for life.

2. My circle of strength has the most amazing people you can ever think of. These are people and institutions who constantly hold my hands and give me a shoulder to lean on. I will mention a few of them here too.

First is my church family OneChurch. You can connect with OneChurch here

Second is my firebrand women fellowship Daughters of Destiny.

It is an interdenominational women's fellowship set up to raise women as intercessors for families and the nation at large. You can follow up on all our firebrand program here

Third is The Yellow Room. The Yellow Room is a closed WhatsApp group for women to help them find support. A women based platform for learning and growing in emotional and financial intelligence to achieve a stable healthy living in different stages of life. I'm the course of the Lagos lockdown in March and early April, we held prayer sessions and career teaching that has held me strong till this point. One such session was when I finally got the confirmation to start up this blog. 

I have also met and reconnected with a lot of amazing humans and one of them is The Tory-Teller. When I got the call to set up this blog she was one of the people I reached out to being an excellent writer and blogger herself and from that moment she hasn't stopped being a torn in my "blogging" and "writing" flesh making sure that my dreams come to fusion. 

The truth is when God gives you a vision, He equips you and sends helpers of Destiny your way. never be afraid that your dreams or vision will be hijacked when you share them with your supposed "helpers". Prayerfully consider reaching out today and let God guide you to the right people and institutions. There will always be a time when you will need help, ideas, and advice from a higher authority or when you yourself will need to lead someone through a rough patch and guide them to the path of light. Please do not dim your light at anyone or shut the door against someone. We shine better and brighter when the light is many. 

Share your testimonies of that special someone or institutions who has been a pillar of support to you and when you are done here, The Tory-Teller blog celebrated her one year anniversary over the weekend kindly take a ride to the Tory-Teller's blog and type this "knock knock happy anniversary from Seme Tribe". Don't fall my hand o, please click The Tory-Teller blog

Please share your testimonies in the comment session.

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  1. Confession: I am so blessed to read this. I had a big smile on my face all through.
    Thank you dear Seme Gold for sharing your survival starter pack with us.
    The truth is that no one can sail through life and it's challenges alone.
    We all need someone at every point in time.
    Meeting with you was divinely orchestrated and I am grateful for that.
    We keep pushing till we get there.
    I love you plenty, sis!

    1. Thank you for giving me wings to fly. I LOVE YOU SIS.

  2. Covid 19 taigta me how important food is to us as a people, and a good business to invest in. Today I have about 5 different processed foods on the shelves of some supermarkets... Above all how " human" we all are... Cheers

    1. Very true, food indeed Is a basic need for man's survival.
      Congratulations on your food business Ejiro, the Tribe is very proud of you.


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