Barely three months after Josh reunited with his girlfriend Tina, although they were back together still on rocky ground. She called him up one evening to break the news to him. 

"Hey J, I thought we were supposed to see last night. what happened? Anyways, I've got big news for you. We need to see, are you home? I'm coming over now.

At Josh's house
Tina breaks the news of her pregnancy to Josh.

"I don't understand, we only just got back together," said Josh on hearing the news.

"And what does it mean? it doesn't take a million years for a woman to get pregnant. Brace yourself, dude, you are going to be a father".

"Something is not adding up here, how did this happen Tina?

"You keep asking me useless questions. What do you mean, how did this happen? We had sex J, yes, sex, and that's exactly how pregnancy comes about. Now stop being a killjoy and let's celebrate this big news jor". 


After Josh canceled dinner with Sandy, he called her up to try and explain things to her. And yes, he did tell her about his situationship with Tina. Two weeks later, he got a contract with her company. Although he made his intentions known to her, they both agreed to keep things between them strictly official. According to Sandy, she isn't ready to get into any love triangle because she has had her own fair share of heartbreaks and disappointments and wasn't ready for any form of drama in her life anymore. 


A few weeks later, Josh was at work one day when he got a call that his attention was needed in the hospital. He got to the hospital to meet Tina in almost a lifeless state. He could not understand what was going on until the doctor explained things to him. Tina was having a miscarriage, she had noticed it earlier but she was trying to salvage the situation with herbs which has now almost ruptured her womb, and an evacuation needed to be done. Which was why Josh's attention was needed for the signing of the medical documents. 

The papers were signed and the procedure was done in no time. 

Tina woke up and saw Josh by her bedside. She immediately broke down in tears. "I'm sorry Josh, I've really hurt you. Please forgive me"

"shhh" Josh tried to stop her from talking. "you don't need to say anything, just be strong and get well fast"

"No J, you don't understand. I've wronged you and I need to apologize. Please forgive me". Tina said as she breaks into real hot tears. 

You've done no wrong Tina. You only did what anyone in your shoes would have done. It's not your fault, You were only trying to save the baby".

"No Josh, that baby wasn't yours. I was only trying to pin it on you. After I left you for Mr. Alex, my relationship with him didn't really work out. I even got involved with his friend too. By the time they both realized I was playing games with them I was already pregnant and I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't take the shame, and that's why I came back to you especially when your friend Pius told me you were about hitting a big contract. 

The pregnancy was a trap J, it wasn't yours and that's why I wanted to save it at all cost.  I'm sorry for all the wrongs I've done to you. I'm sorry for ever taking your love for granted. Seeing you by my bedside now just makes me feel more terrible. Please J, find a place in your heart to forgive me" Tina concluded. 

It took Josh a while to process all that Tina just said, "how could you? I thoughts I have seen all forms of evil with you but it keeps getting worse every time. And to think I was almost considering spending the rest of my life with you. 

Kai! Tina, you outdid yourself this time. I just know something wasn't adding up when you told me about the pregnancy but didn't know you were this evil"

"It's hard to forgive but holding you in my heart is not worth the trouble. All I've ever done was to love you, but I guess that's not enough. I pray you find peace with yourself and turn a new leaf. I've called your family, they will be here in no time. I have to go now" Josh gave her a kiss on her cheek, said goodbye, and left the hospital.

A week later, Josh invited Sandy for a dinner. 

At exactly 7 pm the doorbell rang and Sandy hurriedly rushed to open the door. There stood Josh by the door with a pack of rose flowers for her. "This is for you my lady, to tell you how special you are to me" 

Sandy took the rose and inhaled the smell of haven.

They both had the best moment of their lives at dinner. It was a sweet moment and nothing to be compared to the Beehive.

A year after, Sandy and Josh officially became husband and wife and they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary over the weekend. 

Yes! Beehive is based on a true life story. 

Love indeed is a beautiful thing but it becomes a burden when it is a triangle. One wrong move can mare things for life. When making a life long decision such as marriage, it is important not to make decisions out of pity and unnecessary pressure. All good things come to those who wait; now, what or who you wait for matters a lot. Be guided.

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  1. You know I've always been a lover of love and happy endings.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. I love happy endings too. I am happy it ended well for Sandy and Josh.
      Thanks for sticking by ToryTeller

  2. is sweet when with the right person, I wish Josh and Sandy many more years together


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