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I promised to conclude our love story "Beehive" this week but I figured it would be better to post the part one afresh,  to save you the stress of having to search through the blog. Yes, you can now. 

Here is Beehive  (Part one)


Sandy and Josh have been seeing each other for two months now. What initially was meant to be a work meeting turned out to be a date night. 

Sandy, a top manager in one of the leading multinational companies. Josh was going to be handling supplies for the company and he was scheduled to meet with the manager to finalize his proposal for the supply. 

He walked into her office that Tuesday afternoon with his portfolio in his hands and his dreams in his head. The whole atmosphere was filled with the smell of fresh lavender. The office was well decorated to the tip, just like that of a senior exec you see in the movies. Common Sandy is a top manager in a multinational for that matter. Josh thought to himself how he will be able to defend his proposal and all especially with the misconceptions that young ladies in top positions could be difficult. 

"Come right in please" Sandy beckoned on Josh as the Secretary walked him in. 
 "Good afternoon, my name is Josh John from Streams limited" 
 "Good afternoon Mr. Josh, please have your seat," replied Sandy as she stretched forth her hand for a handshake. 

They talked about business and every other thing in between. Josh was at least relieved of all that tension he had before stepping into Sandy's office. He could not help but wonder how one person could look so beautiful and brilliant at the same time. I guess Sandy is one of the people you could refer to as "beauty with brains". On top of it all, Sandy was very polite and highly approachable, contrary to what he had thought or heard about her. 

"Aright, as we discussed I will run your proposal through with my team and you will definitely get feedback from us".  
That was Sandy's voice that brought Josh back from his wonderland. 

A week after, Josh got a call from Sandy's office to inform him of the proposal approval. He was On top of the world. Not only was his dreams of finally putting his company forward coming through but he was also excited that he gets to see Sandy again and more often henceforth. 

He went over to Sandy's office to formalize things concerning the new project. As usual, Sandy was looking as ravishing as ever. He couldn't take his eyes off her for a minute. He had to constantly remind himself of the work at hand and not be distracted but this was really hard. 

" I want to formally thank you for your time and for helping push this through for me" 
It's my pleasure, we look forward to an awesome time working with you on this and for a long time too, hopefully. " Sandy replied.
"I really appreciate but not to sound awkward, would you have dinner with me tonight, please? " came Josh's voice. He was surprised how he was able to summon up the courage to voice that out
 "Really, dinner just like that?" Sandy replied.
 "No, please. I'm sorry that came out wrong" Josh tried to apologize. "You know what, forget I ever said that. I'm really sorry, please. I shouldn't have".

 "No, it fine" Sandy chuckled. "Dinner it is then. Pick me up at 7, I will send the details and you better don't be late". She ended that with a smile.

Josh could not believe his ears, he almost started break dancing. He wasn't sure which was bigger news, securing the new contract, or winning a date with Sandy. This had to be the best moment of his life.

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