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We are going to be having a cruise this weekend as we will be concluding our love story. Sit tight, grab your popcorn, and read on as the drama unfolds.

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"Hello! Hello Josh, I know you can hear me. I'm at the door, please let me in"

That was Tina, Josh ex girlfriend or should I say his "pain in the neck".

Josh met Tina in his final year back in the university. They feel in love and soon become quit an item until he graduated and left her in school. Afterward, their relationship became an off and on kind of affair but one thing was sure, Josh loved Tina so much and he was more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep her. Years down the line, Josh had just started his company and fortunately for him, he had a foreign investor who was willing to help grow his company. He invited Josh over for dinner one day so they could finalize for the investment process and he decided it was best he attended such an important dinner with no other than the love of his life but that was the greatest mistake of his life. What would have been a business dinner ended up being an entanglement. Josh couldn't help but notice the constant eye contact and body gestures between Tina and Mr. Alex, his supposed investor. After the dinner with Me Alex, Tina didn't stop gushing about how rich and handsome he was and how it would be good for them to meet again. 

Two weeks after, Mr. Alex came up with excuses that he would no longer be investing in Joshs' business. Tina on the other hand ended her relationship of so many years with Josh and just like that, his whole world crashed right before his eyes. 


"Hellooo, Josh are you really going to keep silent there? Please come open the door for me."

Tina's voice from the other end of the phone brought him back from his thoughts

 "What do you want? " he asked when he finally found his voice. 

"I just want to talk with you please" she replied.

"Go away I don't want to talk and besides I have an important meeting to attend right now. So please go away". 

"Josh, I know you are mad at me but please just hear me out. If not for anything but for the love we once shared please". 

Josh opened the door and let Tina in, at least to hear what she had to say.

They had a long talk about everything that happened between them and even the good times they once shared. One thing led to another and they ended up squashing things with a hot sex session.


Back at Sandy's apartment.

The doorbell rings and she excitedly rushes to open up as she is sure Josh is here to pick her up for their dinner date. 

"Sandy, this one that you are home by this time.  I've been calling your phone o, abi you don't want your mother to visit you"? 

That was Sandy's mother's voice.

"Please move away from the door and allow me in," she said brushing Sandy aside as she lets herself into the house.

Sandy stood at the door dazed for a while, she was shocked to see her mother in the house that evening.

Sandy's mum has been on her neck for a long time to settle down and have a family of her own. Just a week ago, she called Sandy to inform her of the vigil that they both have to do with prayer points guidelines from her pastor. Seeing her mother that evening she knew it wasn't going to be a fun weekend.

"Sandy, I've been calling to inform you of my coming today but you didn't pick my calls. What did I do to you? I only want to help you, Sandy. You see this husband matter, you must marry by fire by force. Allow me to help you, my child, we need to pray against any force that is preventing you from getting married and we are starting with a vigil tonight, then tomorrow we will fast and pray. Whatever it takes, we will do everything this weekend. Do you hear me? "

And by the way, why are you all dressed up? Where are you going?

Sandy shakes her head and trying to get her breath at the same time. 

"Mummy, good thing you asked. and yes, if you must know, I am dressed up for a date tonight. So please don't disturb me with your prayers.

Just then Sandy's phone rings...

"Hello Sandy, I am so sorry dinner isn't happening anymore tonight, something came up please forgive me. I will talk to you later."

Before she could even say a word Josh ended the call on the other side. She stood dazed and not sure of how to face her mother or even how the remaining part of the weekend would be for her especially since mummy is around with all her "prayer gadget". 

"Sandy, what happened? Who was that on the phone?" Her mother asked. 

"My date, Josh,  he called to cancel our date with no reason whatsoever". Sandy replied also amidst tears.

"Ah! they have come. Now you see why you need this midnight prayers and deliverance. We must break you free from every dark cloud covering you and stopping you from locating your God given husband and.....

 "Mummy please" Sandy cuts in. "Mummy please do your prayers, holy water bath, and midnight cry all by yourself, do whatever you want to do but please leave me out of it all. Nothing is wrong with me and I'm not going to subject myself to any form of nonsense all in the name of looking for a man to call my own. My man will find me at the right time and even if that doesn't happen I chose to be fine all by myself. You know what? I will be in my friend's place for the weekend, you can sort your Self out when you are done with your cleansing ".  

"Mummy you know I love you but I need to leave now. The housekeeper will take care of you. If you need anything, I'm just a phone call away. I really have to go. She kissed her mother goodbye and left the house. 

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  1. Can the pressure for marriage from our parents and family Wbere be a thing of the past?
    I've already lost interest in Josh, please Sandy don't give him a second thought.
    I hope you find someone else.
    I'm here with my chinchin and zobo waiting for the next part!

    1. Pressure for marriage and our parents and family is inseparable and I wonder why. Society Is not any better.

      I am rooting for Sandy and Josh (I think I'm beginning to like LOVE😁😁)


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