Hey Tribe!

How is the month going so far? I trust you all are doing ok. 

This could be your perfect Monday Morning Motivation. 

Still on Learning curves, today we will be unlearning and maybe flattening the curves too.

So, sometimes ago I had a conversation with Tana ( my four years old daughter). I was chatting on the phone with her teacher who she misses so much and won't stop talking about her. Her teacher wanted to call to speak with her, guess what Tana's response was; 'no'. A very loud and big no for that matter!

I was surprised that she said "no" to someone she had always wanted to speak with and was always gushing over how much she misses her. So I asked, "don't you want to speak with your favorite teacher or you don't miss her anymore?"  

Her reply dazed me. "No mummy, I miss my favorite teacher so much but maybe not now. I can't talk to her now.

My chest! 
The African mother in me almost waved the back of my hand at her face (don't come for me please) but I decided to activate the 21st centenary mother in me and ask her the reason for her answer. 

Me: So why don't you want to talk to your teacher now?

Tana: I don't want to talk now because I'm watching my favorite cartoon. Maybe later I will speak to my teacher. so no calls now.

Hmmm! At first, I had wanted to go full force on her, I mean what the nerve but we will deal with that later. 

What struck me was Tana's ability to be able to express herself, she would love to speak with her teacher but what she wanted to do at that time was to watch her cartoon. I can't remember being a four year old and being able to express myself this much. To be honest, up until last year I didn't even know how to express myself until I started on the journey of becoming and self discovery. You can read up on the post here.

I can't remember being able to explain things or give a reason for my actions (this would have saved a lot of situations I got into growing up and even as an adult).

I remember constantly getting into a fight with all the guys (and even family and friends too) who wanted to take me out but I was always turning them down at the last minute simply because I had motion sickness ( a condition that makes one nauseous and weak when in motion). All I needed to do was simply explain myself just like Tana did. Amongst several other instances

The truth is, sometimes we refuse to say "NO" forgetting that "NO" is also an answer just as "YES" is. So why do we often feel NO is a wrong thing to say?. 

When a lady says no to a guy and vice versa, we often think it is the end of the world and feel dejected. If YES was good enough NO should be just fine also, maybe a little explanation to go with it and that's fine.

When we get a NO for that job application or business proposal why do we feel all hope is lost?

NO doesn't mean you are not good enough.

NO doesn't mean you are not wanted.

NO doesn't mean you can't try again.

NO is also an answer.

If YES was good an answer, NO should be just fine.

No could just be 'some other time'.

It is OK not to be ok. You are doing just fine.

I hope you were able to learn a thing or two from that piece. Please share your lessons with us in the comment section. 

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  1. Wow. Well written...
    Thanks for the motivation

    1. Its an absolute pleasure having you here always. Thank you Joy

  2. Wow. Well written...
    Thanks for the motivation

  3. Nice.
    No is also an answer and should be taken in good faith.
    Thank you for this!


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