The month of October is upon us Tribe! I am shouting this at the top of my voice.

Happy New month to my special blog Tribe and those visiting this blog for the first time. It's the fifth day of the month already I know but I wanted to take the time out to welcome you to this special month and also the last quarter of the year 2020.

It is my birth month Tribe. No, calm down it's not my birthday yet, it's still very far away.  

I am thankful for this new month. I am thankful for us coming this far to the last quarter of the year. 2020 has been my most amazing year yet. Did I hear you say "with all these COVID19 issues? Yes, even in the midst of chaos 2020 has been amazing. It's been all about self discovery and mind renewal for me and I know nothing can be more beautiful than the journey to self discovery. 

We have just two months left in the year and there is still so much more we can achieve and conquer before the year ends. Is your strength failing and it seems like nothing else can be done anymore? My message to you today simple 'Hang in there!

'He has made everything beautiful in its time...' Ecclesiastes 3:11A (KJV)

'...Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning'.  Psalms 30:5B (ESV)

It is a new season for me. It is my season of REBIRTH. I am already in my active celebration mode and dancing steps for a trailer load of birthday gifts. So I will just relass and be taken karroff (relax and be taken care of). 

To my beloved Seme Tribe, thank you for sticking by and holding my hand all through. To all our new blog members and even those I bullied to come here, thank you for stopping by. I promise never to stop disturbing you. 

Our Tribe Family is growing and expanding. I am amazed at everyone who has taken the time to share their stories and life experiences with us. thank you for being an inspiration to many. Please keep your stories coming. 

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I pray this month and the remaining months of this year be full of gladness, laughter, love, and pleasant surprises for you and yours. Amen.

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Have an awesome week ahead. 

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©Rachel Jesuseme


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