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Hey Tribe! How are you are are all doing today? I trust you are having a good day. I am well, thanks for asking. November is almost over and in a few days from now, we will be in December. I smell Christmasssssss! No darling, no pressure from here. I am just reminiscing on my childhood, you know na, I'm a village girl and by now we are already making plans to paint the town (no, sorry) village red. I can almost picture myself in my pleated flowery dress and high heeled sandals AKA koi koi shoe. You can read up on one of my experiences wearing my koi koi shoe by clicking  HERE (Please don't laugh *side eye at you if you do*) Oh! I am thinking of packing my bags already! Focus SemeGold, we aren't here to talk about your village life. Sigh! Ok, so it's Friday and I wanted to do a little through back, Flashback Friday kinda thing. Last week was my Aunty's 60th birthday and retirement party and when I got an invitation from her two weeks earlier I knew I had no choice b


Hey Tribe! How are you all doing? I am well too, thanks for asking. I am sharing this awesome testimony by our dear Tribe sister, Olaitan Onifade Nurudeen.  THE FLAME... Saturday 17th October 2020. I had woken up at 7 am and remembering hubby would leave for Ibadan that day, woke him too. He sleepily said he would leave home at 7.30. So I made a mental calculation to make something quick. I woke my 16 year old niece to put some water on the fire to make some pasta. I followed her almost immediately to quicken things.  On getting to the kitchen she was about to place the pot of water on the large gas cooker. I had suggested she used the small camp gas instead as it was faster. I would later learn she had mistakenly turned on the knob for the gas oven and had not turned it off before I came into the kitchen. Consequently, the gas had seeped into the air and I had a poor sense of smell lately.  She had attempted to light the camp gas and couldn't, so I took the lighter from her to ret


Knock knock! Who is there? I was going to say 'Hey Tribe' as usual,    but I wasn't sure if anyone was at home, lol. Seriously, it's been a while here. How are you all doing? I am well myself, thanks for asking.  Special appreciation to all The SemeTribe for always keeping the conversations going here. I can always fly because you gave me wings to. Thank you. If you are looking for a perfect Monday Morning Motivation, I've got a little something for you today.   The Golden Treasure by Ngozi Eguzoro "The world is framed by the spoken Word of God, its foundation laid by God's word, and the bricks of our lives are laid from the word that proceeds from His mouth. We are also shaped by His written word. For you to unlock the plan of God designed for your life and destiny, you must have the right keys. First is the key to Faith in the word of God. Mixing your faith with God's word quickens the manifestation of miracles in your situations. Another key is confe


_ Happy new month people! November is that you? *dancing and singing* "one more river to cross, one more river, one more river to cross"  Yes! one more lap to go and we will be saying goodby to the year 2020. someone asked me yesterday to describe in one word the month of October that just passed and I said I will be needing an extra sheet to describe the just concluded month.  October for us especially in Nigeria started in high spirit being that October 1st marked Nigerian independence. Nigerians were optimistic that at least we will be seeing an improved country as an independence gift but the reverse was the case in the next proceeding cause of events. Nigerians got tired of the extrajudicial killing, injustice, and corruption of the police and decided to rise and fight for our rights in form of a protest, but rather than come down to the level of its citizens and dialogue for a way forward, the government decided to go the other way and opened up fire on unarmed proteste