Happy new month people!

November is that you? *dancing and singing* "one more river to cross, one more river, one more river to cross" 

Yes! one more lap to go and we will be saying goodby to the year 2020.

someone asked me yesterday to describe in one word the month of October that just passed and I said I will be needing an extra sheet to describe the just concluded month. 

October for us especially in Nigeria started in high spirit being that October 1st marked Nigerian independence. Nigerians were optimistic that at least we will be seeing an improved country as an independence gift but the reverse was the case in the next proceeding cause of events. Nigerians got tired of the extrajudicial killing, injustice, and corruption of the police and decided to rise and fight for our rights in form of a protest, but rather than come down to the level of its citizens and dialogue for a way forward, the government decided to go the other way and opened up fire on unarmed protesters in the Lagos Lekki toll gate which now known as the October 20th Lekki toll massacre. What a sad history!

Despite all this, we are moving forward. The message we preach here is a message of hope and like the popular saying "when there is life, there is hope". 

Regardless of the sad happenings in October, there were also some good happenings. I also celebrated my birthday in October (I am still in awe of your show of love. Thank you all). There are many other great news and mind-blowing achievements for me. I am sure you have some good news too and I cannot wait to read from you.

November is here already and like I wrote in October, it is going to be thanksgiving and dancing mood for me till the end of the year.

I know it is already that time of the year when you bring out your diaries to check all your set goals which you wrote down at the beginning of the year. The time when you tick the ones achieved and say to yourself "well done", and to the ones you couldn't touch, you look up and ask "God when?". Lol, I know right! I've been there before. But you see this particular year, we all need to calm down. I am not going to be bothered with goals and dreams (Trusting God that the lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places. Psalms 16:6). 

This November, I am grateful to be alive and well and you should too.

What are you grateful for this November? Share your testimonies with us in the comment section. You just might be encouraging someone.

Keep hope alive and be thankful.

Stay positive.

Happy New Month.

Welcome to November.

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©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. I am grateful for life not just for me but for family and friends, staying alive this year is a goal achieved.

    1. We thank God for life.
      Thanks for sharing your testimony with us Rukevwe

  2. 2020 has given us so much surprise.
    The watchword for this year is, "SURVIVE".
    I am grateful to be one of those that survived and to have my loved ones experience that too.

    1. 'SURVIVE' 2020 watchword. Thank God for preservation.

    2. Thanksgiving and dancing mood it has been

    3. Yessss! May we continue to have reasons to dance.


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