Hey Tribe!
How are you are are all doing today? I trust you are having a good day. I am well, thanks for asking.

November is almost over and in a few days from now, we will be in December. I smell Christmasssssss! No darling, no pressure from here. I am just reminiscing on my childhood, you know na, I'm a village girl and by now we are already making plans to paint the town (no, sorry) village red. I can almost picture myself in my pleated flowery dress and high heeled sandals AKA koi koi shoe. You can read up on one of my experiences wearing my koi koi shoe by clicking HERE (Please don't laugh *side eye at you if you do*) Oh! I am thinking of packing my bags already! Focus SemeGold, we aren't here to talk about your village life. Sigh!

Ok, so it's Friday and I wanted to do a little through back, Flashback Friday kinda thing. Last week was my Aunty's 60th birthday and retirement party and when I got an invitation from her two weeks earlier I knew I had no choice but to honor her invitation. 

So Friday the 20th of November, as early as 6 am I set out of my house to attend an event slated to hold at 11 am. Did I hear you say "what! Why the rush?" Well, if you live in Lagos Southwestern Nigeria, you will agree with me that traffic is one thing that is sure to make your day and plans go from "awesome" to "why me?" Especially since my Aunt and I both live in two different ends of Lagos, and with the repairs and closure of the Third Mainland bridge, I wasn't going to take any chances. 

Meanwhile, everyone shuttling between Island and Mainland every day going to work or one business or the other, this is me sending you loads of hugs, you all are the real MVPs. Boy! That journey is not for the faint heart. 

I finally got to Ijesha, Itire-Ikate Local Government Council Secretariat, the venue for the party at exactly 11: 00 am. 

 I arrived early for the party

I was welcomed by my lovely Aunties; The Celebrant and Aunty Esther

I know you are wondering why my Aunt was having her birthday and retirement party at the council secretariat. No, she is not the Local government chairman, and Yes, she was retiring as a government worker, as a matter of fact, An Assistant Chief Nursing Officer (ACNO),  hence the reason for the celebration there. 

ACON Comfort Alegun

Before I go further, let me do a little introduction. Mrs. Alegun Comfort (the celebrant) is my maternal Aunt, younger sister to my mum. My Mum is from a family of nine and she (Mum) is the eldest. 

L- SemeGold, Uncle Ola's wife, Uncle Monday, Aunty Stella AKA Mama Faith, Aunty Ibukun's daughter Mrs. Ojiez, Aunty Esther

Friday 20th November 2020 had the entire Council packed full with friends, family, colleagues, and well wishers who came together to celebrate and rejoice with our own; Mrs. Comfort Alegun as she celebrates her 60th birthday and takes a bow from active service as an Assistant Chief Nursing Officer. The high turn up of people said a lot about her personality. 

Celebrant with The Christian Women Fellowship International (CWFI) of Church Of God Mission

Mrs. Comfort Alegun AKA Aunty Nurse as we fondly call her, is a woman with strong moral character and discipline (you don't want to misbehave where she is, lol), integrity, and credibility. She is a compassionate and loving woman. She is also a dogged and energetic grassroots politician with a track record. You needed to see the great turn up from her political party, you would think you were in a national political party meeting. Sometimes I wonder how she and my Mum are siblings, I guess she took the ginger for the entire family because my Aunty Nurse is simply the "Life of the Party"

I was particularly grateful for attending not just for the fun of it but for the fact that I was able to reunite with my mum's family, especially those I haven't seen in years. You would not believe I was meeting one of my Uncles for the first time in my entire life. Wait what? Yes, you read that right, I too am shocked, shooked, shookedth if  there is ever a word like that, lol 

 Uncle Monday and I. I was meeting him for the first time 

Mum's family are all over the place but one thing you can not take away from them is the love and warmness that breaths around them. Trust me, I didn't want to go back home because of all the Sweetie, Princess, Babygirl, Darling vibe and all the attention I was getting from everyone.  Especially from Aunty Esther, the biggest cheerleader anyone could  ask for. Boy! She took pictures of me till I was tired.

Aunty Esther and I. She nursed me when I was little

My biggest cheerleader

With Cousin Rosemary and Aunty Esther

Woman Crush all year! Can your Aunty be this fly

Say  cheese 

With cousin Rose AKA Mrs. Ojiez

Mrs. Ojiez, Uncle Ola's wife, Yours Truly

I had to save this photo below for last. You see this woman right here? She has a splitting resemblance with my Mum, not only in facial but in everything. Aunty Stella has the kindest heart and beautiful smile ever. Plus she and Mum are both team no makeup and jewelry gang.
My Mum's lookalike

One key lesson I've learned and also resolved to do henceforth is to always endeavor to make out time for family and to keep in touch. A simple "how are you doing” phone call or text message should be a routine, no matter how busy one is. Family is indeed everything.

With these few pictures of mine, out of the one million and one photos we took, I hope without reasonable doubt I have been able to convince you that my throwback Friday has indeed made this month for me "A November to Remember". 

Before I sign out of here,  allow me to bless you with the full view of my beautiful dress made in less than 24 hours by the amazing Towdah Empire. Her professionalism and customer service are top-notch. You can follow her on Instagram by clicking Towdah Empire

Dress by Towdah Empire

  This is how I'm dancing into December

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Thank you for being here, always.

Have an amazing weekend. 

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. O loud ! Thanks for repping us @TowdahEmpire ma. I am glad and feel fulfilled the part of what makes a happy day beautiful.

    Indeed the secret of social success is in good appearance ☺️👌.

    1. Keep spreading your wings to fly Towdah Empire. Well done.

  2. Awww.
    Nothing beats family time honestly.
    The best times of the year are the times I spend with family, so I can understand the joy you feel being with them.
    BTW, so you were just behind my house and couldn't invite me to come and eat party jellof abi?
    E be like say you want make this our friendship enter voice mail!
    Close to me now, see weda I no go comot ya teeth just now!
    I demand an apology immediately!

    1. Family is indeed everything. Thanks for showing a good example always.

      Ha! You don't say! I am sending an emissary to the village immediately for the supply of kola nut and dry gin, the gods must be appeased ASAP because this friendship is very importanta😂


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