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How are you all doing? I am well too, thanks for asking.

I am sharing this awesome testimony by our dear Tribe sister, Olaitan Onifade Nurudeen. 

Saturday 17th October 2020.
I had woken up at 7 am and remembering hubby would leave for Ibadan that day, woke him too.

He sleepily said he would leave home at 7.30. So I made a mental calculation to make something quick. I woke my 16 year old niece to put some water on the fire to make some pasta.

I followed her almost immediately to quicken things. 

On getting to the kitchen she was about to place the pot of water on the large gas cooker. I had suggested she used the small camp gas instead as it was faster.

I would later learn she had mistakenly turned on the knob for the gas oven and had not turned it off before I came into the kitchen. Consequently, the gas had seeped into the air and I had a poor sense of smell lately. 

She had attempted to light the camp gas and couldn't, so I took the lighter from her to retry.

The flicker of flame from the lighter popped up at my second attempt, and that was it! There were flames everywhere, my right hand was engulfed in fire. I only remember running out of the kitchen and screaming and rolling on the floor with flames everywhere.

I still remember the shock and fright of feeling and knowing I was burning alive. The horrid smell of my flesh burning!

A resident at home poured the bucket of water he was about to go bathe with on me to douse the flames. From there everything else happened in a  tormenting flash. Screams, cries, everywhere, offers of remedies of raw eggs, palm oil, anything. Everyone just wanted to salvage the horror they had probably never witnessed in their lives.

I remember seeing my skin already peeled off. My niece didn't show much damage till we got to the hospital where the skin on her legs had bloated. I would later learn that when my hand and clothes had caught fire she had passed behind me to exit the kitchen thus licked by the heat of the flames and reasons for her wounds eventually.

At the hospital, the  1st dressing was hell on earth! Funnily enough, the pains of dressings and treatment for burns far supersedes the trauma of the accident. (Mad ooo lolz  no be here oo🤣🤣I went to hell and back) 

My blood pressure was 230/130 and they feared I might have a heart attack. My speech was slurry and I  talked like a five year old for about 3 days.  Chai😀

The first hospital we visited could not handle severe burns management Consequently, after our  1st dose of hell-on-earth dressing niece and I were referred to West Care Specialist Hospital, Egbeda.

What with the rising #endsars# protests that day, the sojourn to the hospital was another huge challenge for everyone.

So with two burns victims writhing in pains, my very young children and other family members, hubby went through quite a time overcoming all the roadblocks from Festac to Egbeda.

Grace again showed up for us as even the protesters and Agbero were compassionate as they allowed us routes that were barred to others.

Somewhere along the line, I fainted and a shopkeeper gave us free ice blocks and water as I was, later told. 

A Chosen Church member that was, vending liquid soap at a filling station we stopped at, took my phone number and checked up on me throughout my stay at the hospital ..( Thank you immensely Madam Rita).

Westcare Specialist Hospital, Egbeda, Lagos
It was a relief for everyone. My children had been taken away to be cared for. They didn't come to the hospital with us. 
The burns unit was filled up so we were admitted to the children's ward that night. We were later moved to a private room though.
It was quite depressing as there were constant screams and cries of infants and children in pain.
My niece and I had a fitful sleep. The pains stuck to us like glue till daybreak.

Dr. Amusa, a burns specialist and plastic surgeon with over 20years of experience came in on Sunday morning.
The funny and brilliant middle aged Surgeon commenced yet another traumatic session of dressing for both of us. (More pain)
He promised us an injection to make us sleep. Believe me, I screamed throughout the process! Unexplainably, the anesthesia worked for my niece though!

He took the doctors on a teaching practice while dressing my wounds. I felt more like a specimen for a science experiment at a point.

So rather than being upset, I tried to learn a thing or two to take my mind off the pains.

I got to learn the following: 

1. The percentage of burns is determined by the amount of surface area affected. A limb is 9%  other parts are half of it e.g face  ( I had 36% and my niece 23%) I regret I woke her up that day. (I wish I could undo her involvement in the accident).

2.  Application of raw eggs, salt, palm oil, etc only constitutes more damage to burns wounds. The best remedy is water then the hospital!

3.  burns victim is instantly dehydrated and requires fluids ..e.g water. The victim could die from dehydration, depending on the severity of the burns 

4.  Degree of burns is determined by the depth of the layer of the burns  The skin has 4 layers of which I of them has 5 layers .1st degree is burns within this layer as mentioned. 2nd degree burns expose blood vessels and 3rd and 4th are ones that expose the bones.

Ours were 1st-degree burns! ( May God be forever praised)

5.  Fever chills, vomiting, fatigue are regular symptoms experience during the management of burns patients. They are caused by the metabolism of the body due to the trauma.

6.  Fluids, antibiotics, vitamin C, and protein consumption are key for fast and effective healing.

7.  In the category of wounds, burns wounds heal the fastest!

Week one the toughest. You can't do anything on your own. Every fiber of muscle screams of pain when you as much smile!

When you have to stand up, it takes an excruciating while for your brain to reset to that simple function. Thus you have a painful heaviness in your limbs. I learned the blood flow becomes slow thus the reason for the pain. However, we had the luxury of wearing a catheter to reduce frequent visits to the restroom.

Week Two 
What with constant intravenous fluids, our bodies were gradually accepting healing and behaving themselves.

All thanks to the physiotherapist too, Ijeoma, a pleasant young lady, we were able to move around. The catheter was taken off too to encourage regular movement.

Week 3 
The bandages came off, healing had progressed remarkably and we were less fatigued

Week 4 
Healing medically complete! However, it was the point you start thinking of how to 'cope from now on'. How to live forever with the scares and deal with the inevitable rude stares from people.

At this point, it was time to go home. The doctors had done their bit and we would have to move on our own. (My niece had been discharged after three weeks. Her wounds had healed remarkably well and fast).

Much as I wanted to go home, I was so scared stiff of 'moving on'. But hey, guess how I did it? 'Acceptability'. I gave myself a sense of that. When you accept and love yourself, others will easily accept and love you too. Trust me, it works. 

*Almighty Allah the perfect doer of all things, (Alihamdulilahi)

 *Dr. Amusa ( He is one of the twelve outstanding burns specialists and plastic surgeons in Lagos State).

*Dr. Ehise, another brilliant and amiable doctor. He would go through my dressing gently, taking extra care not to make it painful and singing Bob Fitt's 'God will come and save you'. The song was quite soothing and inspirational. (I downloaded it without delay)

*Dr. Lawal, is witty and no nonsense at the same time. I called him Dr. SARS as he was less empathetic than the other, But he was also funny no doubt!

*Dr. Dimeji Oyewole, a young and very brilliant doctor. He was, always speaking with medical terns. wetin apun? the guy too like shakara thank God say I go school small)

*Dr. Folarin Folurunsho, a young and very brilliant doctor too. His mother s from Kaduna and his father from Ogun state. He would go through my dressings with absolute precision and care not to hurt while we discussed politics, medicine, science, etc..He is always ready to share knowledge and teach as he does. The most pleasant and humble doctor I've ever come across.

* Miss Ijeoma, a pleasant and beautiful physiotherapist. She did remarkably well during our sessions. ( thank you, Dear Ijeoma)

* All the nurses and the nonmedical staff. They were all awesome in their little way (God bless you all amen )

The moment I had been waiting for.
I was discharged on the 12th of November, 2020. Thus it had been days of a sojourn through unlimited grace.

During the period, I learned the following too:

*You have to fight on whatever it is. No matter how many loved ones you have, there are some trials only you can fight with God s grace.

*No matter what happens to you good or bad, life won't stop being life because of you. The earth won't stop rotating on its axis because of 'you' no matter what it is! 

* No matter how many loved ones or people you know, there is a time you are absolute 'alone' e.g no one can help you bear a sickness or bear a pain.

*The will of God can never take you where His grace cannot keep you. Never!

* Never let go of God, He is the only one that can see you through anything and everything.

* Have a good interpersonal relationship with people. Be kind and empathetic to people, these values can one day be a lifesaver for you. Money is not everything.

May God continue to bless and protect you all infinitely as well as your families and loved ones, Amen. 
Thank you

Testimony by Olaitan Onifade Nurudeen.

What an encouraging testimony!
 I cried, laughed, and smiled all through. I hope this testimony has blessed you as much as it blessed me. I learned a thing or two about burns too. 

Please keep your Testimonies coming.

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. I literally read this post with my hands on my head!
    Jesus is Lord indeed!
    I can't say how happy I am the fire victims survive. I'm so grateful for their lives.
    Survival is the greatness achievement for 2020.
    May the good Lord perfect their healing and restore all that was lost.

    1. Amen and Amen.
      Yesssss! Thank God we survived 2020.

  2. Thanks for sharing the best information and suggestions, it is very nice and very useful to us. I appreciate the work that you have shared in this post. Keep sharing these types of articles here. Gas Cooker Installers

    1. Wow, thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you found the information useful.
      Thanks again.


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