Knock knock! Who is there?

I was going to say 'Hey Tribe' as usual,    but I wasn't sure if anyone was at home, lol.

Seriously, it's been a while here. How are you all doing? I am well myself, thanks for asking. 

Special appreciation to all The SemeTribe for always keeping the conversations going here. I can always fly because you gave me wings to. Thank you.

If you are looking for a perfect Monday Morning Motivation, I've got a little something for you today.  

The Golden Treasure by Ngozi Eguzoro

"The world is framed by the spoken Word of God, its foundation laid by God's word, and the bricks of our lives are laid from the word that proceeds from His mouth. We are also shaped by His written word.

For you to unlock the plan of God designed for your life and destiny, you must have the right keys. First is the key to Faith in the word of God. Mixing your faith with God's word quickens the manifestation of miracles in your situations.

Another key is confession. You possess what belongs to you by confessing and claiming the promises in the Bible.

When God was creating the Universe, He spoke and things began to happen and take shape in the physical realm. God called things forth. Nothing comes to pass or changes if you do not put the word to work. This book is to remind you how the Bible, God's word, is very important to every bit of your existence, and to know God and His will. To discover purpose, the way to Heaven and your lifestyle here on earth are based on how much you seek and value God's word." 
Excerpts from the book 'The Golden Treasure' by Ngozi Eguzoro.

The Golden Treasure is written by Ngozi Eguzoro, a woman after God's heart. She is an intercessor, a counselor, an encourager who likes to put smiles on people's faces no matter how little it can be, a teacher of God's word. She is a passionate lover of God's people. She has served in various capacities and platforms in the Body of Christ. A pastor in Daughters of destiny Interdenominational fellowship, and Divine home of glory world ministry.

She is a very diligent and outgoing person and the humblest human I've ever seen. An entrepreneur the CEO of Royal Destiny Services dealing with kitchen items, gift items, etc.

She holds a Diploma in Theology and in Business Administration. She is married and blessed with children.

Follow her on social media to keep a tab on her numerous activities. Kindly click on Instagram and Facebook

The book launch will be happening today Monday 16th November 2020 at The Destiny International Center by Edegbe bus terminal, along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos Nigeria. The launch time is 11 am. 

You are specially invited

To place an order from, search for Ngozi Eguzoro or simply click here

WhatsApp/Call 📞 08037870366.

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Thank you for being here, always.

Have an amazing week. 

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