Praise God!

Yes, praising God for keeping us till the end of the great 2020.

I personally want to thank God for His mercies and wondrous work in my life and I cannot end this year without sharing my testimony with you all. Please join me in thanking God. 

2013 I swam in a pool and by the time I got out, my eyes and ears were itching badly. Turns out there was too much chlorine in the water. The itching in my eyes stopped after a while but the ears never stopped. I visited an ENT, got treated but I kept having a reoccurrence. 

I got married in 2014 and by the time I was pregnant with my first child in 2016, the itching ears started again. I visited the hospital and doctors insisted it was hormones , and even if it wasn't, there was nothing I could do as regards taking drugs. So I was left with my itching ears.

Surprisingly it stopped after I had the baby, but came back when I got pregnant again. Ha! Is this my own pregnancy hormone imported or what. 

After the second delivery, it stopped again. Ok o, imported hormones indeed. 

Early this year, my ears started itching really bad again, and just before the lockdown, I started hearing twitters and then humming in both ears. I was still trying to do consultation without having to physically go to the hospital because of the  COVID-19 scare and then I woke up one day and the worse happened. I couldn't hear with my left ear. Ha! I am not pregnant again, am I? 

I didn't even know what has happened. Incidentally, my younger child was having a really bad health condition (another big miracle) and we were on one of our hospital trips when I discovered I couldn't hear with my left ear. I boarded a cab and by the time I got down Mr. Driver started quarrying me that he mentioned he didn't have change before I entered his cab (the worst situation you don't want to be involved in this Lagos). Turns out my left ear was turned towards him and I didn't hear when he mentioned him not having change. It was at the point of shouting he said " or are you deaf? " 

Wait! What? 

I shut my right ear with my hand and discovered I couldn't hear what anyone was saying. Haaaaaaaa! Real hot tears at this point. 

Not to bore you with all the drama that followed ( in case you see someone sitting on the roadside holding a child to her chest and wailing ). It wasn't funny. 

I got really scared because I didn't know what has gone wrong and how bad it was. First I was scared I would not be able to hear again or even contact COVID in the process of having to go to the hospital. The fear was real. I kept on praying and asking God to show me mercy. That I should not use my hand and two left legs to go and contact covid in the hospital. 

I finally was able to get to the hospital and commence treatment and doing that in the heat of the lockdown was another hurdle. 

 "Brother Doctor sir, help me and sanitize your hand glove please" and the doctor will be like "me I cannot even touch you, are you sure you don't have COVID like this"


It sounds funny now but it was the worst form of fear. Having to be on the road almost every day when the rest of the world was hiding inside. 

As if that was not enough, in the middle of it all, the hospital announced that all out patient should stop coming to the hospital unless it was a matter of life and death. "Ah! I am not about to die, na only hear I no dey hear. God, please help me". I kept praying. 

Along the line, I knew all I had left was God's word and promises towards me.  I activated my church confession for the year. A part of the confession say; "Every part of my body that may have been set upon the curse of death is reversed" I keyed into it and began to say this confession over my ear every single minute and Jesus did. There was a reversal and I can hear with my left ear again. 

Even when the devil raised its ugly head again God turned it all around.

One thing I kept saying all through the time was that I will be like Sarah at the end of it all, That anyone who heard about my testimony will laugh. 

I thank God for coming through for me in the middle of a pandemic for divine healing, protection from COVID (even when I had all the symptoms of covid)  all through the period I was going to the hospital. 

Won't He do it! God also miraculously healed my daughter.

Let me assure you again and again that God can and He will change every situation around for you no matter how bad it may seem. Only believe, all things are possible, only believe.

Thank you Jesus

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities;... ...by whose stripes ye were healed.
    Hebrews 4:15
    1 Peter 2:24
    Praise God for this testimony

    1. Amen
      Thank you Jesus.

      Thanks for stopping by Emmanuel


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