Merry Christmas
Joy to the world
For every nation
For every boy
And girl

Let's light a candle
For peace we pray
Merry Christmas
It's Christmas day
It's Christmas day
It's Christmas day

Let's light a candle
For peace we pray
Merry Christmas
It's Christmas day
Merry Christmas
It's Christmas day"

Merry Christmas Tribe!!!
I trust you were dancing to that lovely Christmas song.

Please don't ask me how a village girl came to know such a posh song *side eye at you*.

Merry Christmas Tribe

I've been feeling so Christmasy since I got up this morning. The joy that comes with Christmas can not be quantified. The joy of knowing that you were enough a reason for a man to send His only Child to come to redeem you,  even knowing that at some point you would misbehave and even turn away from Him but He gave His child away regards. 

Oh, what a love!

I must really matter.

Yes, I matter.

In fact, I matter in the matter that matters the most. 

Chee, just see that rhymes!

I am also overjoyed for my family. Having to hear from everyone means so much to me especially in the times that we are in. Although I miss them so much not having them around me physically, the moments we've shared over the years are worth remembering. 

Christmas of nowadays is quite different from what it used to be, especially if you grew up in a rural community like me where everyone must visit everyone during Christmas. Not forgetting the exchange of choppies (food), minerals (drinks), and generous adults who will always give money to children like us ( Please I am still a child o). Unlike here in Gidi city, everyone locked up in their high fence and heavily gated homes. I can't even perceive my neighbor's cooking from my house. What is this na! 

Anyways, I intend to sleep all through today, play some of my village songs (I least I can console myself with that), maybe throw one or two knock outs into my neighbours compound, hehehe, this local girl cannot can't abeg.

No cooking for me today *dodge my African mother slippers* yes o, no cooking because ayam very very very very tired. 
Unless of course, If I get some motivation. Otherwise, T for tenks. Lol.

How are you spending your Christmas today? 

Share your day with us in the comment section.

Don't forget Christmas is all about giving just as we have received the precious gift of Jesus. Make someone smile today.
 “For it is in giving that we receive.” Francis of Assisi

Merry Christmas Tribe.

I love you all specially, today.

©Rachel Jesuseme


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