A Hey Tribe!
How are you all doing today?

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas
I wanna wish you...

Ok, one more day before Christmas but  I already feel Christmas in my bones.   Especially with all the activities around me. 

The whole city of Lagos, southwest Nigeria is filled with the spirit of Christmas. 

So, I went to the salon because I wanted to do a little touch up with my short hair or maybe do some cornrows but after I showed my hairstylist the Simbi school girl style I wanted to make, he politely asked me to wait till January. Ha! Bet why? In his words "big mama, I can only do slay queens style now o" 

Me, what am I? A slay grandmother maybe, Let me Kuku be going to my house. He will know how important I am in January.

Everyone is complaining about not having enough money to spend this season. Please manage the one you have, and if you don't have at all, stay still, help is on the way.

Free manual for the Tribe

Meanwhile, I like my new view from my bedroom, I  sighted a lounge yesterday. I haven't been to the club in years and I am defiantly going to be visiting this one. I will share my experience with You all when I do.

You still haven't made your Christmas hair? Please use this and keep the change.

Always here for you

While we are celebrating and unwinding, please keep an eye on the children around you. Remember, pedophiles and abusers are still out there, do not let down your guards. 

Covid-19 is still very much around. While we are praying and trusting God for its end, please stay safe, and If you must go out, please wear a mask.

SemesNooks Tribe Santa 

Merry Christmas Tribe!
Have a good one.

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©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Abeg which kind Santa be this na?
    E don even use him bear-bear do face mask!
    Wahala dey oooo.
    Merry Christmas Seme but where my gift na?

    1. Special Santa for the Tribe.

      My dear ToryTeller, your special gift has been packaged and will be delivered shortly.


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