Hey Tribe!

Welcome to a new week. or should I say "The 2021 count down"

However, you would like to call it 2020 THE GREAT will be ending in a few days and we will be saying welcome to a brand new year. Just writing this now is making my heart skip a bit but God is on the throne. Lol.

Meanwhile, I wanted us to talk a bit. How was the almost concluded 2020 in one sentence? Hmmm! Did I hear you make a deep sigh? Alright, come take a tight hug.

Seriously how was 2020? What was/were your goal/goals when the year commenced? Have you been able to achieve them or we should say "to God be the glory" lol? Someone said "staying alive should be the only goal for this year considering all that has happened", and I totally agree. 

The bills also have refused to go away, so the show must go on *wink*.  We must continue to plan regardless of situations or circumstances around us. 

So let's talk. 

Have you ever heard of a vision board? 

If it sounds strange don't worry I only just heard of it too. Yes! Even though I have always used bits and pieces of it I never really knew anything about it until recently. 

I had this stuck to my bedside a few days to my birthday

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain focus on what truly matters to you. Literally, a vision board is any sort of board on which you display images and words that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life. 

Simply put, your goals and aspirations clearly cut out in the form of pictures or just some bold inscriptions of what you want or where you want to be. Remember those pictures of fancy houses, cars, even a vacation destination, or words of affirmation that you stick on your mirror or fridge door? Those are part of what makes up your vision board. Now what makes a vision board different is that you are deliberate in what goes on there and this helps you 

  1. Identify your vision and give it clarity.
  2. Reinforce your daily affirmations.
  3. Keep your attention and focus on the goal.

Once you have written down your goals, you will have to get pictures That will represent your goal, with inscriptions written and cut out. Let's say your goal is to get a second degree in the coming year, you could get a picture of someone in a graduation gown, and then stick it in your board with a little inscription. Another example, If maybe you intend to start a new business, you could just cut out the name of your intended company boldly written and then stick it to your board, etc. 

Guess what? anything whatsoever can go into a vision board, even if your goal is to just have fun and slay all year round. What could be on your vision board

  1. Your dream day.
  2. Your ideal lifestyle.
  3. What you want from your business or career.
  4. Start a new business or career 
  5. Your ideal family
  6. Even couple goals *wink*
  7.  Confessions
  8.  Word of affirmations
  9. Body goals whether six packs or a tall glass of palm wine (  you need to know what this means to understand the humor, lol!)
  10.  Healthy lifestyle. I resumed my push ups exercise today because I just realized my tummy is almost sitting on my laps and that's not good for my baby girl body goals. *covers face*  
  11.  Etc etc.

Your dreams are valid

What to do after you have your vision board ready, is to work towards achieving your goals. Remember, no food for a lazy man! 

That reminds me of a picture frame a friend gave me back in secondary school over 20 years ago with the golden inscription that has never left my heart;  "Success is not wished but hard work with dedication".

Another very important thing to do is to prayerfully bring your goals before God. I believe so much in the efficacy of prayer and also know that God alone can stair the wheels of a man's life in the right direction. Allow Him to guide you. 

Finally, love and live your best life knowing that your goals are as important as how well you are. 

I pray you good success in the coming year and beyond. Amen. 

Should you need help setting up your vision board or an accountability partner to walk with you towards achieving your goals in the coming year, kindly send a mail through semesnookblog@gmail.com. We will be glad to help.

So which of your goals for the year were you able to achieve and what are your goals for the coming year? Share with us in the comment section, we would love to read from you. 

PS: A lot of mine falls into the "to God be the glory" category but we will keep moving and go again

Reference and photo credit: leadersinheels.com

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Thank you very much for this dear Seme Gold.
    My 2020 was 'GREAT'.

    I really do need help setting the goals I've already planned for the new year.
    Hitting you up right away!

    1. Thank God for a successful 2020.

      Right away sis, because you are buying me that car next year IN JESUS NAME

  2. We give God the glory for 2020. Indeed it was a good year for me and my family. 2021 will be better with prayers.

    1. Thank God for a good year for you and your family.
      Amen and Amen.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. For me and my family 2020 was a great year, a clear case of when others are saying there is a casting down u'll say there is a lifting up. We achieved a huge milestone as a family however small and I know 2021 will be better in Jesus name, amen.

    1. Wow, congratulations to you and your family.
      Amen and Amen, greater things in 2021


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