Dear 2020,

Thank you.

You were a good year. Yes, even if the world believes otherwise because of all the paparazzi you brought with you. You were a good year for me. 

Dear God thank you.

Dear Tribe, where do I even begin? 

I was in my room one day, amid my fears and worries and God said "it's time to share your stories". Just like that God gave the vision. It took a million heartbeat the first time I pushed the "publish" button for the first post. You all received me and the love had never stopped since then. So when I say 2020 was my best year yet, I mean every sense of it.


2020 I also found my voice and I haven't stopped voicing since then.

I also graduated from the Destiny Academy of the Daughters of Destiny Interdenominational fellowship

I just might be starting a church soon. lol.

presentation of gift as the second best graduating student
The latest bible graduate in town
What else, yes, I lost my most vital relationship this year too but hey! I will be alright I guess.
Yes, it wasn't rosy all through but I was able to rise above it all.

I got healed.

I got saved.

I got loved again.

I am grateful.

 2021 is here; the next amazing year yet.

I love you all.

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Congratulations!! More to come in this year 2021 in Jesus name, amen.


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