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Hey Tribe! Good morning and Welcome to My Worship Corner. I am sharing my testimony today from the lyrics of Nathaniel Bassey's "This God is too good"  A simple love story of God's undying love of how He saved me from the darkness of depression and suicide.  Even when I was not willing, God still stayed through and kept reaching out.  Even now, I am smiling as I write this, It's amazing how much large the largeness of His heart. It is my prayer that you receive God's grace to see His love for you in abundance and that you know He cares so much for you to let you go through whatever situation that is causing you pain, Amen. ' THIS GOD IS TOO GOOD' Lyrics by Nathaniel Bassey featuring Micah Stampley I know a God, who’s merciful and kind Faithful and gracious I’m the apple of His eyes The thought that fills His heart Every Morning, noon, and night He loved me when I didn’t care And was patient till I came Running back into His arms Look how He turned my l


 Hey Tribe! I trust you all are doing great.  Welcome to a new week. It's the last Monday in January already. It seems this particular year is on a fast lane unlike others when people say that January is usually two months combined in one. This one seems to be in a hurry to catch up with something and I like it. No time to waste abeg.  This could be your Monday Morning Motivation but I lost my voice so I will rather do a wordless post.  A lot has been going on lately with so many things happening in this country; Boko Haram/ herdsmen killing and all the insecurities challenges going on, and it makes me wonder why nothing is being said or done to change the situation.  Seriously, which way Nigeria? I feel like venting so heavily but I choose to  FEM  for now because I lost my voice today. I hope I get it back soon.  Here goes your wordless post. Be inspired! What is your value? Time to stop the "one size fits all approach" Just be sure you are tending your garden and not s


Hey Tribe! How are you all doing? I hope you are enjoying your weekend and taking some time out to catch your breath. This is just January and we still have a long way to go in the year so my friend, relax and be taken care of.  In today's episode of "Conversations with Seme *side eye with a grin*.  Yes, you read right "CONVERSATIONS WITH SEME". We have been getting quite a few responses from you all and we thought it was best to bring these issues to the Tribe so we can all rub minds and have conversations here. As you already know, The Seme's Nooks Blog is about sharing stories and life experiences.  So Tribe here goes "CONVERSATIONS WITH SEME". It's about to go down people! Get your seat belt on.  Shall we begin? So recently, I was having a conversation with someone and she was worried about how a friend was doing something wrong and how everyone including her has chosen not to say anything about it. Then I stopped and said "ok, I will talk


 Hey Tribe! Good morning and Welcome to My Worship Corner. Today, I will be sharing lyrics from Sinach's "I fly". This very song was my confession for the whole of 2020. I penned down the words and began to say them early enough, and surprisingly COVID came and it seemed to fear would take over but I am glad I was able to stay through.  This year again, I will continue to decree these words to me continually because this is the year to FLY.  In case you can't find me where we used to meet, I have moved. I fly.  I pray that this song blesses you as much as it has blessed me. I Fly  Lyrics by Sinach featuring KI and Nolly Tongues may rise against me Persecution will come I will not be moved I have blessed assurance Whatever may come my way Your Word is my anchor You are light You are life You are truth I declare that I am strong With the strength of God in me I mount up with wings as Eagle I fly, I fly Mountains may rise around me Trails may come I will not be moved I h


Hey Tribe! Welcome to a new week. How are you all doing, and especially with handling the heat of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic? I wonder why it is still in existence, I guess COVID hasn't gotten the memo that we are in 2021 already and it should be home by now.  Anyways, while we are praying and working towards sending it back to the bottomless pit where it came from, ensure to take necessary safety precautions; maintain social distance,  use your face mask covering your nose appropriately (not in your jaw or under your nose), wash your hands with soap and water regularly, use sanitizer, and finally, if you do not need going out, please stay indoors. Thank you.  This could be your Monday Morning Motivation *adjust my coat while I take my seat as the motivational speaker of the week* Lol. So, after last week's Ari and her hair saga I had time to think and reflect on so many things.  You already know what happened with  Ari's hair and her chieftaincy titleship  (


 Hey Tribe! Good morning and Welcome to My Worship Corner. My worship corner is my Armory. My secret and most trusted place. My SafeHouse. Today, I will be sharing lyrics from Isreal Odebode's "Leave me with Jesus"  I heard this song for the first time a few days ago and I tell you my life has been all shade of sweetness just basking in the joy that comes with the fullness of God's presence. One thing I have gotten fond of is loving on God and just pouring out myself to Him in worship. It does miracles for me every time.  In this new year, even as it has just begun, take out time to get soaked in with God before the rushes of the year sets in.  That way you are guaranteed of being able to weather the storm that might come your way no matter how heavy it will be.  I pray that this song blesses you as much as it has blessed me. Do me a favor,  please listen from a powerful sound system and watch yourself get high in the presence of God. Halleluyah!  'LEAVE ME WITH J


 Hey Tribe! How are you all doing? I am well, thanks for asking.  Welcome to a new week. This could be your Monday Morning Motivation but I will be sharing some lessons I learned from Ari recently.  So I dedicated a lot of my time and resources the whole of last year trying to grow Ari's hair and it did pay off to a large extent. Ari is my two years old daughter by the way. Now, if you've known her from birth with her natural skin cut you will understand the joy I felt when I looked at her hair in December and I could actually hold it to a bun. A few people even applauded my effort, to say the least.  Then came Christmas and I thought it would be nice to make Ari a nice hairdo, and it was beautiful but wrong move Tribe!.  My two years old Ari with her beautiful Christmas hair! I made the hair and everything began to fall off, I mean my entire labor for a while year. I should have known better not to use hair extensions on her hair since we were still struggling to grow the hair


Hey Tribe! It's the second TGIF in 2021. Surfing the internet as per, social media things, this word hits me in the face; "Lifestyle creep/lifestyle inflation". This is when the standard of living improves and things seen as luxury becomes a necessity or behavior that sees spending on nonessential items as a way of life.  This is what we call "I don arrive", ( I have made it) and it comes with the need to show, oppress, and pepper as we call it.  For some, they don't even have it, they fake it. keeping up with the Jones's. I have always learned to have a saving culture, now I tell myself to live way below my means. " If it is not necessary don't buy it". Food, clothing, shelter basic needs, and despite the fact they are basic, I wouldn't go out of my way to break the bank to eat, wear clothes or go for an extravagant outlandish home. It used to be "live within your means", but I now go by "live well below your needs"


Hey Tribe! Good morning and Welcome to My Worship Corner. My worship corner is my Armory. My secret and most trusted place.  My SafeHouse. Many battles have been won in this place. Many dreams have been birthed here, one of So many is this blog that we now have to call our own. To the glory of God. This song by Matt Rodman is my new anthem for the year, and I wanted to share with you all. As you set out today, even in tis new year be reminded that Christ alone is our hope and in Him is the foundation for everything formed. Let every other name that is limiting you, causing you pain, whatever it is, fade away and let Jesus Take His place. Take some time out to meditate on this song. I hope it blesses you as much as it has blessed and healed me. WIDE AS THE SKY MATT REDMAN Chorus] Hands up, hearts open, wide as the sky We lift You high, we lift You high Hands up, hearts open, wide as we cry God, we lift Your name high Hands up, hearts open, wide as the sky We lift You high, we lift You h


Hey Tribe! How are you doing and how is 2021 going already? Smooth and well I guess, and just in case you've started experiencing the " God why me" kind of situation already, hey! it is just four days into 2021 and we still have a long way to go. Don't even dare freight.  So yesterday, after getting ready for church and putting on my Christmas dress, I tried to order a ride and non was available, I tried again but they kept canceling on me. "Dear Lord, is this how we are starting the New Year?" I mean my baffup, makeup, and perfume will waste just like that? Mba (no) . I kept trying till first service was half way gone. Tribe, I had to rearrange myself and face online service instead. it is too early to start having soured face in the new year. Not today Satan! So how far gone are you with setting up your  Vision Board for the year? Have you been able to write down your goals and draw out a plan on how to achieve them? You know it is too early for "to


Hey Tribe! Scrap that Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Wooah! I am shouting this at the top of my voice and dancing to the song of the New Year. We made it Tribe! We made it. Welcome to 2021. Welcome to a new year. Congratulations to you and yours.  See you at the top doing awesome things this year. Happy New Year   Drop your New Year messages and wishes in the comment section.  #ForcefulAdvancement Xoxo ©Rachel Jesuseme