Hey Tribe!

How are you doing and how is 2021 going already? Smooth and well I guess, and just in case you've started experiencing the "God why me" kind of situation already, hey! it is just four days into 2021 and we still have a long way to go. Don't even dare freight. 

So yesterday, after getting ready for church and putting on my Christmas dress, I tried to order a ride and non was available, I tried again but they kept canceling on me. "Dear Lord, is this how we are starting the New Year?" I mean my baffup, makeup, and perfume will waste just like that? Mba (no) . I kept trying till first service was half way gone. Tribe, I had to rearrange myself and face online service instead. it is too early to start having soured face in the new year. Not today Satan!

So how far gone are you with setting up your Vision Board for the year? Have you been able to write down your goals and draw out a plan on how to achieve them? You know it is too early for "to God be the glory* (I don't care attitude) right?. Get up and put something down, at least when you see it every day you will be spurred to want to act on it. 

In planning your vision board this year, I would like for you to not just plan for a year alone but the SEASON. I want you to identify the season you are in at the moment and set your plans towards it. For someone it could be a season of starting a new career, a new business, getting married, getting a new degree, or a season of having children, whether brain children (ideas) or biological children. These seasons should help you in identifying which area to channel your greater strength and which areas you can be less focused on. 

Over time , I realized when I plan for just a year, it ends and I'm like is that all? But when I started plannig for seasons in my life, it has become a lot easier. Even when the goal for a year is not achieved I am not discouraged because I know I still have some years left in that particular season. 

Seasons also helps you to identify opportunities and positioning. It is through the season you will be able to identify the different people in your life at a particular time and what they are there for. If you are unable to realize this, you can tend to overburden people and offenses begin to arise. Some people are in your life to help you pull through a phase encouraging, motivating, and gearing you in the right direction, others are there to hold you up in prayers, some a shoulder to cry on, and the ones who are just in your life to make you laugh. Once I learned this, I stopped bothering myself unnecessarily and I have also been able to know where I stand in people's lives too instead of being their "all in all" and wearing myself out at the end. 

Remember, whether you run, walk, or even crawl it won't make The River dry up because you got there late

The time you arrive there is your time, so make it count. 

One of my season's goal is to go back to acting again, and I am fully activated lol. I will be sharing my journey with you all as it unfolds.

As our faces are different so are our needs, visions, and goals. Focus on your FOCUS. 

Focus on your SEASON.

God help you through it. 

wishing you a year ahead filled with love, laughter, and exciting adventures. Amen

I am rooting for you all.

Dear Tribe, our brother just released a new praise jam please show him some love. Go listen, download and spread the good news of I WILL WORSHIP YOU

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Hahaha.
    So our minds are thinking alike this Awesome Monday.
    That's great!

    1. Hehehe great minds think alike.
      Thanks for being here

  2. Focus on your #word!

    1. Yes, dear! So we don't get carried away with another man's focus.
      Thanks for being here

    2. "Focus on ur focus"
      This one is loud. I'm gonna make a sticker of this lol. Nice...
      And thanks

    3. Very loud.
      Please do, and make sure every member of The Tribe gets one😁

  3. Wait, you act? How come I never knew that???

    I was able to write my goals down yesterday and I'm glad I did.

    BTW, enjoyed reading your Sunday morning experience 😁

    1. Long story o, I even studied Theater Arts in school🙈

      Good thing you did, now you can look at it and say “today we are getting you done” and so shall it be.

      Hmmm, those people keep stressing me but God pass them😂


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