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It's the second TGIF in 2021.

Surfing the internet as per, social media things, this word hits me in the face; "Lifestyle creep/lifestyle inflation". This is when the standard of living improves and things seen as luxury becomes a necessity or behavior that sees spending on nonessential items as a way of life. 

This is what we call "I don arrive", ( I have made it) and it comes with the need to show, oppress, and pepper as we call it. 

For some, they don't even have it, they fake it. keeping up with the Jones's. I have always learned to have a saving culture, now I tell myself to live way below my means. " If it is not necessary don't buy it". Food, clothing, shelter basic needs, and despite the fact they are basic, I wouldn't go out of my way to break the bank to eat, wear clothes or go for an extravagant outlandish home. It used to be "live within your means", but I now go by "live well below your needs". 

Living a minimal lifestyle isn't suffering at all, it is applying wisdom. In this day and age, different manufacturing companies keep rolling out different products and if you don't have discipline you will go bankrupt and go begging. It's like the wind, you can't catch it. Pride and satisfaction in what you own are fleeting, New cars come out yearly, gadgets and phones come out yearly, designs of home change all the time too. 

It is ok to be contented but it's wrong to tie your happiness to things. I was with a friend in her shop and she was crying bitterly, her phones that cost over five hundred thousand Naira got stolen. She was weeping like a baby, tears rolling down, and her body vibrating like Nokia 3310 and I kind of felt bad, for her. When she said the death of her dad didn't hurt her this bad, I knew it was time to go because Edo babe blood in my that doesn't like yeye jokes don dey activated. Losing two phones hurt you more than life? It's sure will hurt, when you cleared out your account to buy a phone to look good. sigh! ok, now I am ranting. lol. These days you find people who live like paupers yet are using a phone of over five hundred thousand naira that can buy you land somewhere in Lagos. Omo! It is stupid and she needed to cry to have a brain reset. 

We tie our self worth to material things and this makes us make crazy decisions and do abominable things. Some people's self worth is lost and it's only when they buy designer and luxurious things that they feel good. 

Well, let me tell you, these things are not far fetched, the bible emphasizes moderation, even the way we eat should be moderated.

 It doesn't matter what you have on or owns, what matters is WHO YOU HAVE IN YOU. So I say to me always; "Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need". Matthew 6:33 (NLT) 

Stay in God's will people.  Do not lose sight of that which is truly important.

Stay well


©Rachel Jesuseme



  1. Very lovely write up and I totally agree. The attachment to material things and the need to show one has money has driven a whole lot of people to do so much packaging, causing them to live beyond their means. At my work place, it shocks me that someone that barely has money to purchase 250mb uses an iphone! Hopefully, we teach our children better and they can only learn from us.

    1. Imagine that!
      Yes, we will continue to work towards setting a good example for our children.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. So true, I have long learnt this from my dad. But I have a question though how do one handle a spouse who doesn't comply to this?

    1. Dear Rukky, dealing with a spouse in this aspect needs wisdom and patience. They probably did not haveq this upbringing and do not see any reason to change as an adult. So, I would say, keep correcting in love, and for every reckless spending, give a million reasons why it shouldn't be so.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thank you for this.
    Many people easily get carried away by things that are not so important so it always good once in a while to remind them that their focus should be on the most important things in life.

    1. Yes Mama! focus on your focus.
      thanks for being here.


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