Hey Tribe!

Welcome to a new week.

How are you all doing, and especially with handling the heat of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic? I wonder why it is still in existence, I guess COVID hasn't gotten the memo that we are in 2021 already and it should be home by now. 

Anyways, while we are praying and working towards sending it back to the bottomless pit where it came from, ensure to take necessary safety precautions; maintain social distance,  use your face mask covering your nose appropriately (not in your jaw or under your nose), wash your hands with soap and water regularly, use sanitizer, and finally, if you do not need going out, please stay indoors. Thank you. 

This could be your Monday Morning Motivation *adjust my coat while I take my seat as the motivational speaker of the week* Lol.

So, after last week's Ari and her hair saga I had time to think and reflect on so many things. 

You already know what happened with Ari's hair and her chieftaincy titleship  (inside joke). It got me thinking and seriously brainstorming on the next step to take. One big question on my mind was "what exactly am I going to do now?" Seeing that no magic could be done in terms of weaving the hair or holding it to a bun. So the only suitable option was to do a big chop and start afresh. Oh, don't freight she came out looking beautiful as the princess she is, even beyond my expectations. 

This got me thinking, and I thought to share it with you. Often time, we dwell on our failures and pains of the past, wallowing in self pity instead of just taking one step further to try again.

We choose to remain and manage a situation that is obviously dead and damaged beyond repair instead of forsaking it totally and moving on to even a better and new life ahead.

I read of a lady recently who has refused to end her seven years old relationship where her partner is cheating and also physically and verbally abusive. Her stand is that she has invested so much in seven years, she is not no longer smiling at her, and the big question "where will I start from?" Hmmm if you ask me I don't know the answer to that but I do know that boxing one's shadow leads to nowhere because it (your shadow) doesn't exist. So why live your life in the shadows?

To some of us, it might not be a relationship, in whatever situation it is, I believe in a second chance. However, grave the situation might be. 

Image the fall of man from the Garden of Eden, and it seemed like all hope was lost. Then God sent His only son just to give us a second chance. How much more in the things of life that are not even equivalent to live itself. 

However you think you might have failed, it is time to stop crying over spilled milk. Dust yourself up and start afresh. One thing you need to do though is to try a different approach this time. For it is Albert Einstein who said "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result". 

In this new year and beyond, set yourself apart, forget about the shame of starting again. Oh, I used to be the chief here, always thinking of what people will say or how people will perceive me because I have failed. Can I shock you with this, most times people don't even remember that for long, and if there's any consolation, there is someone somewhere looking up to you with strength and is encouraged just because you failed and you were able to pick yourself up and try again? 

 In this new year and beyond, Be determined and focused no matter the failure around you.

Change the way you view yourself, think of the cup half full instead of half empty.

Change your habit.

Hey out of your comfort zone and be extra in the ordinary. 

Be you.

Have the most amazing week yet.

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. This is the second message I am reading today about forgetting the past and moving ahead.
    Thank dear Seme of life!

    1. Now you've heard the message loud and clear. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. A great inspirational message. Thanks for this. God bless and increase you

  3. Nice one friend keep it coming.


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