Hey Tribe!

How are you all doing? I am well, thanks for asking. 
Welcome to a new week.

This could be your Monday Morning Motivation but I will be sharing some lessons I learned from Ari recently. 

So I dedicated a lot of my time and resources the whole of last year trying to grow Ari's hair and it did pay off to a large extent. Ari is my two years old daughter by the way. Now, if you've known her from birth with her natural skin cut you will understand the joy I felt when I looked at her hair in December and I could actually hold it to a bun. A few people even applauded my effort, to say the least. 

Then came Christmas and I thought it would be nice to make Ari a nice hairdo, and it was beautiful but wrong move Tribe!. 

My two years old Ari with her beautiful Christmas hair!

I made the hair and everything began to fall off, I mean my entire labor for a while year. I should have known better not to use hair extensions on her hair since we were still struggling to grow the hair, but I got carried away by the craze of the moment and I tell you the outcome so far has been very unpleasant. We have taken down the hair extensions and it is with deep sobriety, I announce to you That Ari will be joining her village elders in Uromi very soon because she just officially became a Benin chief. 

This is what Ari's hair looks like now. A true descendant of the Benin kingdom

Hmmm! Dear Tribe, as funny as this may seem it is the reality of life. 

We spend so much time, and sometimes years in trying to grow or make things work, but just one wrong move and everything comes crashing down. 

We work so hard building a career, brand, family, relationship, name it, and lose focus of the goal along the way. The big picture is where you are going or how far you want to go with whatever you are building and not the distractions of the "pleasure of the moment" 

Imagine working so hard to keep yourself abstaining from sex before marriage but just because the pressure of "when will you marry?" Or the pleasure of the moment of "two minutes sweetness"  you throw in the towel and lose everything you've worked hard to keep over the years. 
Mad o!
(chastity is for both male and female by the way)

Another is losing your precious marriage/ Home/ Family to the two minute pleasure of a "Tall dark and handsome" or "Tall glass of palm wine" human.  (Don't even ask me what That means because I am not around today)

Let us also be wary of distractions from of little success that you see around you now. So many people have been distracted and gotten carried away with the "I have arrived syndrome" thereby losing out of the big picture totally.

Sometimes, distraction may also come from being discouraged. Are you discouraged? I am too, come take some hug and go finish that which you started. 

 "Let us not be weary in doing good, for we will reap in due season if we don't give up"

Do exploits and be amazingly beautiful this week.

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. So much wisdom in a post.👌Thank you, Seme. Happy New Week! ❤️✨

    1. Dear Bolaji, thank you for stopping by.
      happy new week Darling.

  2. Wow!
    Even though I don't like my Ari's hair being used as an analogy, the message in this post is loud and clear.
    Thank you for this dear Seme of life!

    1. Dear Ari Aunty/ Voltron, It is what it is. I hope you are getting set for her coronation as a chief, lol.
      Always a pleasure having you here ToryTeller


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