Hey Tribe!

I trust you all are doing great. 

Welcome to a new week.

It's the last Monday in January already. It seems this particular year is on a fast lane unlike others when people say that January is usually two months combined in one. This one seems to be in a hurry to catch up with something and I like it. No time to waste abeg. 

This could be your Monday Morning Motivation but I lost my voice so I will rather do a wordless post. 

A lot has been going on lately with so many things happening in this country; Boko Haram/ herdsmen killing and all the insecurities challenges going on, and it makes me wonder why nothing is being said or done to change the situation. 
Seriously, which way Nigeria?

I feel like venting so heavily but I choose to FEM for now because I lost my voice today. I hope I get it back soon. 
Here goes your wordless post.
Be inspired!

What is your value?

Time to stop the "one size fits all approach"

Just be sure you are tending your garden and not someone else's.

Stop procrastinating and do it now.


©Rachel Jesuseme


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