Dear Seme Tribe,
I pray you to have a sweet Valentine's day and many reasons to grow in all your relationships.

For those already married I pray for a new season of bursting into a deeper love relationship with your spouse. I pray your love grows deeper daily and that your spouse LOVES you. I pray that your marriage will be a representation to the world of God's madly in a love relationship with his bride.

For those engaged, I pray for direction and resources in planning your big day and starting this new chapter. I pray for blending money, property, extended families, and lives. I pray you take sound marriage counseling advice and it stretches you more into a sacrifice for your spouse to be. May he give you confidence and cast out all fear from your heart.

For those in committed relationships awaiting God's direction on the next steps, I pray that He guides you. May He give you clarity, wisdom, and peace, make your path straight to see clearly if this is the person God has for you. So, you can have confidence without a doubt that he is the right choice whenever the big question is popped!!

For those just dating (meeting different people with no definite commitment yet), I pray for God's direction on how to go further with any serious committed relationship that will lead to a lifelong relationship. I pray for beautiful and sound options for you and that Amazing Whole person around you will step up to the plate!!

For those who are single and waiting on God to meet their spouse. I pray God will open the door at the appointed time for you and when you meet this person you will recognize him and everything will make sense.. the wait will be worth it! I pray for the grace to trust God and not give up even on days and times it looks like God is quiet in this area. I pray God blows your mind and makes that list of 'your desires in a spouse' look like you have only scratched the surface of attributes when you see the person God presents!

For those single and not ready to mingle, I pray God continues to build the character traits needed to be a wife and husband ready to be found' so that you are fully prepared when you are ready for this season. I pray you enjoy your singleness and use this time to chase God and all the profitable things of life like never before!!

And for those with no desire for marriage, I know without a doubt you will still fulfill the purpose which is the key to why you are here! Marriage does not define you. For some God will see it better for you to stay unmarried for the particular calling on your life. You are not less deserving of anything and you have so much to offer the world!* ๐Ÿ˜

Happy Valentine's day people๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
I love every one of you so very much.

Even if there is no gift or love insight today, just know showers you this year just know you are special, unique and to die for because Jesus, the one who matters thought so.
 Orry Moses           

I've got rose and wine for everyone๐Ÿ’ž

©Rachel Jesuseme     


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