Ok, so on today's conversations, I stumbled on something that has constantly been a reoccurring internet sensation; Push gift or push present.


Ha ha!! 

Ha ha ha!!!

First thing first, I just started hearing about the word "Push gifts/push presents" a few years back. In short, the first time I heard about push gift was during my bridal shower when I was getting married in 2014.
*now shinning my teeth* I am gradually becoming an elder in the game. Even the Bridal shower was alien to me at that time, as the chief village girl that I am. 
*Don't jealous me please*.

This has become a common practice everywhere in the world now. ( Or maybe not,  because It is not yet in my village) lol.

"Believe it or not, push presents have a long history, even though the idea just became popular in the United States. In the United Kingdom and India, the push present has been around for hundreds of years, possibly even longer. There are some claims that these baby baubles have been around since the 1700s.
The gifts were given to new mothers as a way to make them feel special or to ‘reward’ them for a job well done’. Men would buy a small bit of jewelry for the mothers of their new children and the women would wear it as a reminder of the joyous occasion. Most of the time in the U.S. people give gifts that parents can use for the new baby, both as a practical idea and as a way to celebrate a new human joining the world".



While growing up, I remember each time we (children my age) saw a pregnant woman or hears of a woman who has just birthed a baby, we are always filled with joy because we know that what follows afterward will be bouts of pampering and plenty wakkis (food) for the new mum, which will surely get to the well-behaved kids like us. I guess my village people have been dishing out push gifts since forever. Lol.

See this conservation I had with some Tribe members

"Please mind your business. Is it only men that can give gifts? Husband's birthday, he buys wife a gift. Wife's birthday, he buys wife gift. Now you people have introduced push gift. When the children grow up, they will buy their mother push gift. Period!"
Victor Atafo

This one is seriously vexing, and he is even my brother. SMH

"Seme, please Hope you will also pay us for depositing the seed inside"
Just imagine!

 "Hubby buys me tea and milk after giving birth. Maybe that's my push gift" .

This one weak me in particular

 "I haven't heard of Push gift before. Let me go and ask hubby for my own push gift from the four children I have. I will let you know how that goes".
Mrs. T

Woose! I did not send you message o

Don't even bother asking if I received any push gift from when I had Tana and Tilda. All you are ever getting from Papa Matana will be overripe hyping. "En, see your fine face, baby girl yagyaga" (whatever that means). 

Someone should tell Papa Matana to leave me alone o. I will kuku not bother myself over what my ancestors know nothing about.

While some might argue that babies are gifts from God and as such, nothing should be paid/given to a new mum, or that it is not an African culture and we should not practice it. I feel mothers generally should be well appreciated for birthing their young ones. Suffices it to say, nothing should be too big for a woman who has pushed out a baby the size of a watermelon or pumpkin from a tiny vagina hole (don't even look at me. We will have this conversation very soon).

Whether you give a push present or receive one.

Whatever the case may be just be sure that this year you don't go about heaping fire on coal or is it heaping coal on fire now. Lol.

See en, in my journey to self-discovery, I've learned to carefully sieve the things I bother myself about. Like the baba omo ( baby daddy), does he do gifts on a normal day? Or does he even know what a push present is, not to talk of him buying you one?

It is very easy to get distracted and get your minds burgled by things that don't even concern us in the first place,  but I tell you it will only amount to nothing but hearth ache.

Don't allow it.

OHuver to you Seme Tribe, have you given or received a push present before?

Ice cream and tea and milk gang avoid me, please. 

I will be waiting in the comment section to read from you all.

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Such a profound message in this post. Thank you, Mammy! ♥️✨

    BTW, I just set a yearly reminder titled "Seed-planting gift (hubby) 4 push gift". I shall be gifting my man for planting our baby, whenever that is. Thank you for inspiring that thought/decision. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคฉ

    1. Awww! "Seed planting gift", aren't you the sweetest.
      Seme Men you all better send me a mail asap๐Ÿ˜‚.

      Thanks for stopping by babes

  2. Is that so?
    Why have I not heard about this Push gift since na? So that I can task the Anambra man?
    Please let me go and collect my own before we continue this discussion.

    But on a serious note eh, I think a lot of us put ourselves under unnecessary pressure because of how we allow things we see on the SM and latest trend to determine our happiness.

    Ko necessatri rara. Please let us learn to be ourselves. Do You! Your lane is different from other people's own.

    1. You better queue behind me then.
      And please let us know how it goes with the Anambra man. Good luck๐Ÿ˜‚

      I am staying in my lane henceforth.
      Thanks for stopping by Mama

  3. You're always welcome darling.
    And guess what, your lane suits you just right!

  4. Oh yeah! Just hearing about this push gifts... I told my Ondo man and he said " babe, it's belated" Semegold should I accept it? Or fight for my right...Lol!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ha!
      *carrying placard*
      "We no go o, we no go gree. Give us our push gift. We no go gree๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      Is like you will accept overripe hyping like that o๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. Very interesting. Just hearing about this concept.

    1. Hahaha, we should go ask for our Push present then


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