Hey Tribe!

This could be your Monday Morning Motivation but first, let me welcome you to a new month.

Happy New Month Tribe.

I am so glad to have you here with me in this new month of love. Oh yes! February is all about love and I know you know that, but if you don't let me inform you that my four years old daughter has already asked me how I intend to show love to everyone around me? I guess she was talking about Valentine, lol. So you better brace yourself for the season ahead, and hey, no pressure alright. 

This month, above all the noise and distraction, I will enjoin you to be deliberate about YOU. The importance of self-love cannot be overemphasized. And no, self-love is not selfishness or pride. The English Dictionary simply put it as "regard for one's own well-being and happiness". 

YOU are all that matter. 

 I want you to be intentional in the things that have to do with you this month, Me first" before anyone else because you can only give what you have, it is only from within you that what becomes visible on the outside to everyone flows out. If you have not sufficiently loved yourself, it is only a matter of time before all that hate and nastiness begins to show forth. 

While you are waiting for someone to come love on you, do something for yourself.

Self starts with accepting your imperfections, failures, and shortcomings just the way you are. Sometimes I tend to beat myself up over the things I have or shouldn't have done or the choices I made or shouldn't have made. It is bound to happen especially if you are an emotional person like me, but I tell you such emotions always leave me with fear and a terrible headache. So I ask myself "why do you keep hurting your self Rachel?" Cut yourself some slacks girl!

The first step to self-love is to learn to forgive yourself when you mess up. It could be hard but the deed is done and you need to move on. If you do not forgive yourself how else do you expect others to forgive you? Don't stay rehearsing your past mistakes and dragging yourself to a dark place when you know that we can only learn from the past; we can’t change it. Move on.

In moving on, take time to make healthy choices henceforth. Learn to set boundaries that will protect and nurture your relationship with yourself and others. 

Stay positive and use words of affirmation. Own your inner and outer beauty and compliment yourself without feeling guilty, arrogant, or entitled. 

Dream big but set realistic goals. Especially in this season of love, don't go about dreaming of a surprise Valentine dinner date in a five-star hotel when you have someone like Papa Matana in your life. It will only end in premium tears, lol. Be guided. 

Learn to take time to relax and be taken care of. Give your body the nurturing, rest, exercise, and comfort it needs to the best of your ability. Take time out from work, family, business, or anything that could drain you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Learn to delegate, even when you are not there, have a structure to keep the system running. 

Do the extraordinary for yourself this month. 

Buy yourself a gift.

Take yourself out on a date.

F**k  your brains out (Only if you are married please because we preach chastity with our full chest here)

Whatever you need to do this month,  make sure it is YOU first. 

Be intentional. 

Be well. 

Be happy.

Money makes me happy in particular and I just started a new journey to getting it. 

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Thank you.

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Happy New Month Darling!
    I'm very high with expectations this month and I'm definitely taking care of me more than ever before!

    1. May all our expectations come through for us this month. Amen.

      Yes sis, self love all the way.


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