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Welcome to a new week Tribe!  Dear Seme Woman, I am dedicating this to us all Let me start by wishing you a Happy International Women's Day celebration.  You are the real MVPs. As the theme of this year's celebration implies "Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world. We salute our frontline workers and every woman out there who is working effortlessly to secure our world against COVID-19. Well done girl! Women in leadership have been a topic going on for too long now. Women are underrepresented at all levels of decision-making (even in families) worldwide. Research has it that women serve as Head of State or government in only 22 countries, and 199 countries ( including our dear Nigeria) have never had a woman in leadership. Mummy Dearest, my first Teacher and Leader. Educationist par excellence! This year's International Women's Day celebration is also charged to #ChoosetoChallenge, and contrary to what the world used to see women as, wom

WORLD BOOK DAY... "Share a story".

"I am a part of everything that I have read".   Theodore Roosevelt Today is World Book Day! March 4th of every year has been dedicated to celebrating literature and reading, encouraging children to develop their interest and love for books. This celebration is usually made fun for kids by encouraging them to dress up as their favorite literary character. Before you begin to say "this isn't for me but kids". No, reading is not meant for children alone. In short, it is an adult who will teach a child to read in the first place and it is in reading you get information to share and to teach others.  But how can you teach when you have nothing inside of you. Now the question is, are you reading?  I find this very funny, but almost everyone is guilty of this, myself inclusive. People have just chosen to become lazy in getting informed. Rather than reading to get information about a particular thing we would rather just follow whatever anyone is saying. Especially with

I AM NOT CRAZY I PROMISE. I am only wired differently.

 Hey Tribe! A  very Happy New Month felicitation to you all (Please I just felt like speaking grammar). Lol Wow! March is here already. How is the year treating you so far?  Good? Fair? Or just there. Whatever your answer is. I hope you are taking your time to work on your set goals for the year. By the way, how far have you gone with executing the goals in your VISION BOARD for the year? Or you didn't know about it before now? well, now you do.  So get to work and go make one for yourself. Remember, those goals and visions won't come to being if you do not plan and take the necessary steps towards achieving them.  Apart from setting goals and mapping out plans to achieve them, another very important things to do is realizing who you are and knowing how your form (personality) works. That is knowing your personality traits. This will also help you to know how to manage people and your relationship with them better. I tell you a lot of unnecessary arguments and altercation can