I AM NOT CRAZY I PROMISE. I am only wired differently.

 Hey Tribe!

A  very Happy New Month felicitation to you all (Please I just felt like speaking grammar). Lol

Wow! March is here already. How is the year treating you so far? 



Or just there.

Whatever your answer is. I hope you are taking your time to work on your set goals for the year.

By the way, how far have you gone with executing the goals in your VISION BOARD for the year? Or you didn't know about it before now? well, now you do.  So get to work and go make one for yourself.

Remember, those goals and visions won't come to being if you do not plan and take the necessary steps towards achieving them. 

Apart from setting goals and mapping out plans to achieve them, another very important things to do is realizing who you are and knowing how your form (personality) works. That is knowing your personality traits.

This will also help you to know how to manage people and your relationship with them better. I tell you a lot of unnecessary arguments and altercation can be avoided if only people know how they and every other person are wired. 

In my quest to become a better version of me, I started the journey to self-discovery last year and I tell you the road has been a beautiful one to travel in. In short, the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me yet. 

The Enneagram personality test is an amazing tool that can help people to connect with their different personalities on a deeper level. It helps you manage your emotions, identify both your strength and weaknesses thereby giving you guidance on how you can develop and thrive in the positive. 

When the journey began last year, the first thing I did was to take the Enneagram personality test and I tell you, the discovery about myself left me in awe. 

After reading through my personality result I had a mixed feeling. 

First, it felt weird how accurate the result described how I often felt and behaved, almost like someone ratted me out and revealed my little secret to the world. 

I also had the feeling of satisfaction like 'ah! Finally, there's a word to describe how I feel and behave. I'm not mad after all. I am just extra!" lol. 

In all, it has helped me to be better behaved, manage my emotions, and improved my relationship generally with people and I haven't stopped sharing since my discovery.

You can imagine my joy when the team from PERSONALITY PATH reached out to me commending my blog posts about Enneagram in helping and gearing people towards self-discovery. 

I feel so good

I'm not there yet but it is far better from where I used to be. That is why I am inviting you to go on this journey with me. I encourage you to take the test now and you will be blown at the result.

It will only take few minutes of your time. Take the test by clicking here personalitypath.com

Discover you

Be deliberate 

Be intentional


© Rachel Jesuseme


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    1. Yayyyyy! See who is back on the Tribe🎉🎉🎉
      Happy New Month.

  2. Very helpful indeed.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. I'm surely jumping on the personality test right about now!

    1. Please do, you will be amazed at your discoveries afterward.

  4. Wow will try this test soon. I think that I'll also discover some things I hardly knew about myself. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Please do, you will be amazed at your discoveries afterward.

      Welcome to The SemeTribe Yuri


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