I thought I would never come back


This is exactly how I came on The Seme Tribe today.

Like, hello!

Anybody home?

Or have my village people closed down the Tribe?

Lol, I am laughing so hard inside me as I type this. Here I am at midnight, lying on my bedroom floor almost in a ghost posture for the fear of waking up my two years old because I cannot afford to play the "midnight nanny" role tonight. No thank you! I choose the "floor" offer.

Wondering why I am laughing? 

It's been such a long time here, and I'm here asking myself, "who does that? Who leaves her Tribe and just disappears for so long without a word?". Well, only Seme can and only Seme does that. Lol

Then, I open my draft to see if maybe I could Scribble something for the new month and my eyes caught the site impressions. Boy! You all have been here all along even while I was away. I mean my numbers greatly increased even without a new post. I don't know who you all are but I want to hug you and just whisper beautiful nonsense into your ears and say "thank you" 

I've always thought it was so easy to go away and never say goodbye but I just realized that people will always love you and stay put waiting for you regardless. Allow me to say this if you are going through a rough patch and you ever feel like going away because nobody cares. Please don't, people love you more than you think and they stay rooting for you. Please don't go away. Talk to someone, share that burden, then come take a hug. You are loved and you greatly matter. 

Sorry I digress.

Kai! I have my emotions running tonight. This love is too much. I wonder where I know all these people who visited The Tribe.

From the Bottom of my heart, GOD BLESS YOU

Today, I was going to write "Dear Tribe, happy New Month but I don't know what we are doing this month. The person who knows should take over the blog and motivate us while I take the back seat and watch from behind". No jokes, This was all I felt like writing. Then my eyes caught the impressions and I saw the number of people who have visited the Tribe in the past month. I cannot help but do some breakdance. 

I am also particularly excited about this month because this is the month I got introduced to motherhood.

Yep! Both babies are April born,  you could boldly say that August is my most productive month of the year. *licking my teeth*

Dear Tribe, 

It is my prayer that you experience that which will cause you to dance a special dance this month. 

It is my prayer that you experience joy in abundance.

and may God raise men for you who will uphold you in your weakest moment and stay for you even when you can't go any longer. Amen

I pray that you receive Grace to function in whatever you do this month and beyond.


Happy New Month Tribe.

It is my season of dance

Please say a prayer for The Tribe in the comment section.

See you around.

No, wait! Don't go yet.

 Did you notice that Semes Nooks is now a (.com) 

Oh  yeah, we have graduated from semesnooks.blogspot.com to semesnooks.com 

The ministry is moving higher and I have you all to thank for that. 

So please, do me a favor, click on the subscribe button if you already haven't subscribed to The Tribe yet, then share the blog link with friends. Let's celebrate this good news together.

Thank you all for giving me the wings to fly, always.

I can do this because you love me.

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Happy New Month Seme.

    So your blog swallowed my comment before?

    1. Happy New Month Dear ToryTeller.

      So we are swallowing comments now😂😂😂 please send us dollars to swallow too


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