In The Beginning. How My Journey Started

I had just missed my period that month. Truth is that I wasn't really checking or should I say, waiting for it to be missed, ok, maybe a little. 

I was married, slightly over a year, although it was a deliberate act to have one year of enjoyment. After our first wedding anniversary, I realized I had Phantom pregnancy and I had to do a lot of detoxes and some medical procedures to get over that. So yeah, I was waiting a bit for my period to be missed. 

Even though I was two months Plus gone, the moment I did a pregnancy test and it was confirmed positive, the morning sickness started. Like where did you hide before now!!! Are we just going to be throwing up all day?

And So my journey to motherhood began. It was first mixed feelings and then an unexplainable joy for me. 

first I thought, how will a fragile me be able to carry a baby inside of me till full term and then proceed to delivery. Please don't blame me, I used to be so fragile en, even carrying my chairman's gbola was a major 10 units course *but who is the champion now! Hehehe!*

So, yes the journey started and surprisingly it turned out to be a beautiful one. One thing I have undoubtedly been blessed with is the gift of men, having awesome friends around me. 

Back in my former family at The Elevation Church, I was fortunate to meet a friend who taught me everything I needed to know as a first time Mum, books to read (omo! I read books en!) And the twist to it all, she pointed me to God. 

Oh no, I thought I knew God until I became pregnant. I learned how to have real conversations with God, walking in His will, and seeing all things falling into place for me.

"Take delight in the Lord and He will give you your heart desires"

That fragile little girl became a power woman walking on heels even till a delivery week.

Sunday before the D day, Delivery was Friday

The much awaited day of delivery came and I can't say I was prepared because the truth is you can never be fully prepared for such. Because I have read and studied all the 10 unit course, I knew exactly when labour started but I wasn't sure because it seemed easier than I had anticipated. 

Like aren't we supposed to be screaming by now? But no, all I could feel was a tiny bit of tingling sensation in my lower abdomen and in between my legs. And oh, I was busy eating tick pap that was as hard as a rock. Lol

By the time it was evident that baby was coming out anytime soon, I beckoned on hubby and off we went to the hospital. 

Hehehe! This particular scene is making me laugh because I got to the hospital and the nurses said I didn't look like who was ready for delivery.  "Aunty Nurse, biko exactly how do you want me to look? With scattered hair and probably wailing and rolling on the floor abi?"

After much argument, they finally agreed to give me a bad space. * who did I offend with bed space matter na*

Shortly after, a woman was rushed in, So was in tears and she seems to be in pain too. Upon my conversation with her, I realized the baby inside her had stopped breathing and the doctors were going to cut her open to bring the fetus out. Oh! What great pain! 

At that point I remembered Pastor Godman's message on "Don't waste your pain" it talks about helping other people in pain even when you are going through yours. Yes, I was in active labour at this point. 

So I reached out to my new friend and asked if she believed in God and she said yes.

And So we prayed "Dear God, we see you and we know your plans for us are of good only, and you will not give us the burden stronger than that which we can bear. This precious gift is no more, it is painful but please let the baby come out with ease now. In Jesus name we have prayed, Amen" 

I said an Amen but she screamed and gave a push. It was done. I've never seen an instant miracle so swift. 
God is indeed a good God!

I had my child a few minutes later. Remember how I told you previously that I sneezed out my first baby? That is exactly what happened! Matana came out with no stress.

My TanaT at one year old

It dawned on me that the testimony in that miracle was the reason I was there at such a time. 

God works in ways we cannot comprehend. All we need to do is follow Him closely, walk where he walks and depend on Him like our life depends on it. Oh yes, our lives depend solely on God. 

The testimony of both birth I have had taught me that God is an ever present help in the time of need. He is so dependable. 

While my testimony may sound like a superwoman story, may I remind you that there are women who do not feel so strong in the whole nine month journey, some are required to be on bed rest for some health reason. 

Please show empathy to a pregnant woman. Stop asking people to be strong! We cannot all be. 

Stop asking women if they are pregnant with Jesus! A woman is at her lowest emotional capacity when pregnant, such mean words can trigger trauma or even result in Post Partum depression.

Be kind!

I pray for everyone expecting to birth a child (whether biological or brainchild) that you bring forth with ease in Jesus name. 

Happy Birthday to my Princess and First Fruit at Five.
The smartest Five Years old ever

Matana Onosetalese UyaiAbasi

Our Bible recitation when she clocked Four

Matana makes random videos, 
                     She says she wants to have a cooking show!!! lol

Appreciation video from her Fouth birthday last year to her imaginary fans. Lol, I can't deal!

I am celebrating my two awesome gifts from God all through April. Please celebrate with me.

Matana and Matilda

Happy Birthday to my Sugarplum.
Happy birthday Matana AKA TanaT
Please say a prayer for her in the comment section.

Matana - Hebrew (Gift of Yahweh)
Onosetalese - Ishan, Edo, Nigeria (God's word is final)
UyaiAbasi -AkwaIbom, Nigerian (Beauty of God)

©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Awww
    My Tana baby is 5 already.
    Thank you dear Seme for sharing this amazing childbirth story with us.
    Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood are mysteries if you ask me.
    Happiest Birthday dear Tana.
    Your light is so bright already, it has blinded the devil.
    BTW I enjoyed your videos!

    1. An amazing journey that is filled with mysteries indeed.

      A loud Amen to all your prayers.
      In Tana's voice: Thank you Aunty. Please come and be my manager because I don't understand what my Mummy is doing๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  2. What a powerful story! And indeed I carry your Pastor's demon "Do not waste your pain''

    Even though I will never know how it feels to be expecting but this gave me a great picture and is so helpful. Thank you for sharing

    1. Awww, that is nice to read. That sermon is one powerful piece.

      I am glad you find this helpful. I look forward to reading from you someday, how it is like to be with someone who is expecting. Sounds like fun already

  3. Replies
    1. Lol, I get.
      My device is king of autocorrect๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

  4. To think I almost missed this buirthday again, not my fault o, blame it on money matter.

    Happy birthday Baby T.

    Still remember getting the news of your delivery and the next thing I saw was a video of you making calls and giggling, ha , first thing that came to kind was " when did Rachel turn to Bruce lee", motherhood is indeed a bliss.

    1. In Tana's voice: It's ok Aunty, just bring all the money when you are done chasing.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

      Ahhhhh! I still wonder myself. Who would have thought that a fragile me could become "Bruce Lee" overnight.
      God's Grace and might has left me in awe of Him.

  5. Wow. God is indeed marvellous in his ways. Happy birthday to your baby.

  6. Wow! So interesting, Happy birthday Matana, continue to grow in God's abundance grace.

  7. I have no child yet but I'm looking forward to motherhood. The concept in itself is still new to me, so I'm learning whatever I can and preparing my heart for when that moment arrives. It was so nice to hear your story of pregnancy and childbirth. I can imagine how terrifying and uncertain it might have felt. But your faith kept you strong and that's one of the qualities I admire about you. Your children are a spitting image of you :D They're so cute ....

    1. Awww! I am so Sure motherhood s going to look so good on you.
      Yes sis, learning and preparation is key.

      I thank God for strength to be able to pull through and for His Grace constantly reminding me of how much His love for me.

      Dancing at "split image of me" now their Papa and I can finally put the argument to rest.
      Thanks for the kind words Yuri

  8. Happy birthday Tana
    Age gracefully!

  9. My beautiful April babies. Happy birthday in arrears sweeties!


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