Before the day ends

I just wanted to take out time to tell   you this, 

Every woman is a Mother whether you have birthed or in the process of birthing a child or not.

You are an incubator

Someone once said "a woman is a man with a womb; #Wombman" and I totally agree because women are actually men, but only a stronger version. Because how else can you define a human who is mad enough to push another human the size of a large cabbage down a tiny hole that is not even more than 4.8 to 6.3 I'm.

Or even another human who is crazier and bold enough to lie on a table and have her stomach slit into two like a ram to slaughter just because the large cabbage sized human chose to follow that route out. 

If you think that is crazy, here is something that is even crazier. Picture this, there's a woman, in her kitchen, cooking and stirring with one hand, arranging the house with another, attending to business with the other, sending office mails with another (I hear it is called "work from home mums" now). Oh! and I almost forgot the never ending task of "Mummy come and wipe my bumbum, or you want me to stay here with this poopoo forever? Like seriously, it's not even up to a minute, and doing a million other things with the other hands.

Yes, crazy humans have over a zillion hands that function all at the same time, and then, attending to Some other tiny human who is screaming down the house. Oh! Do you think they are hungry? No, one of them wants to report and ask that the other stop thinking about her. Sounds weird right? Like how do you even know someone is thinking about you? 

There are the other crazy ones who have not yet be privileged. I call them the "work in progress mums". These ones are so crazy and love is their only driving force. Love for another human. I mean, like how do you even have a million needles poking you all year round, yet you never give up. It must really be love. 

There are even other crazy humans who choose not to have these little humans (Please don't judge them) but will rather give love and support to the ones who are daring enough to take up that role. The ones who are owning it in their various sphere of influence. The ones who are not allowing society and her stereotype to stop or sway them from their goals. 
You go girl!

So yes, whether you are a Mum today, tomorrow, or never, or you have been before but lost and you may never be again YOU ARE A MOTHER and that's all that matters.

Everything and anything grows in and around you. 

You add color to life

You not only bring forth life

You are life itself.




©Rachel Jesuseme


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