Appreciation post. One century later

This is a special appreciation post.
Yes, just as the title says, it is coming in a century later. 

Let me start by saying a big “thank you” to everyone who celebrated with us on the occasion of our First Blogging Anniversary. We couldn't have come this far without you. 
Thank you for sticking by and for staying through. 

... And a special apology for keeping silent here since the Anniversary post. 
It is not intentional. I see all your comments and they are well appreciated. 
Unfortunately, I cannot reply to comments at the moment due to some technical hitches.
 I guess my village people are at work again. I am currently on my knees begging with seven purple spotted cows and fourteen orange spotted donkeys trying to appease the gods😁

The hitches will be resolved in no time and we will be back to having conversations here.
Please keep comments and feedback coming.

Thank you 

©️Rachel Jesuseme


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