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So, it is still our anniversary month and we are counting down to May the 26th. If you haven't gotten the gist yet, please hop on board, and let's do the countdown together. 

In the spirit of our anniversary, we shall be having one of "Conversations with Seme" today. 

Have you been sending in conversations and no comments or feedback from me? I apologize. Even though it seems like all I do here now is just apologize for my shortcomings, and to think that we are clocking one soon. Shey I will not need special prayers like this! Oya no vex. 

We have a conversation sent in by our Tribe member, and today we are talking about relationships and the deception that comes with it.
Is he asking a question or what?
Well, read along

Relationship and deceit. But why?
Between a man and a woman in a relationship, who is more likely to cause heartbreak? A heart filled with its own devices will spring up surprises. 

Getting closer to an intended spouse without a proper understanding of character and compatibility can spell consequences. A man swayed by a lady’s beauty and adores it at the expense of a proper understanding of her nature, principles, and character will most likely give room for her shenanigans, which will ultimately result in a breakup

Well, it seems ladies are responsible for the most heart breaks. Please  don't crucify me just yet.

Should ladies be held liable for deception? Or are men the architect of their misfortunes? Or do men cause more heartbreak than women?

The answers to these questions depend on the foundation of a relationship.  A union formulated based on genuine love will have fewer of these questions to answer. But every other false foundation will likely toe the path of deception and heartbreaks. 

We all are aware of the importance of material things in sustaining a relationship, which cannot be downplayed. A man is more likely to feel disempowered when he cannot get a decent source of income, a good home, and other important things that give life a meaning to his spouse. And all these could trigger the unimaginable.

So why do ladies resort to deception?
A feeling of threat, the approach of a better suitor, personal insecurity, perceived weakness on the part of her spouse, and many more are often reasons for deception in marriage and relationships. The unending enigma of the female character that breeds insecurity for a man throws doubt of fidelity. Many reports of infidelity over an insatiable quest for material desires have painted women as the gender most likely to fall short in a relationship, leaving her counterpart undecisive, confused, and in worst cases heartbroken, depressed, and frustrated.
Just imagine!

This has widened a bunch of new male folks who now take heart-breaking rule as theirs to call. Young men now entertain prolong courtship without any plans to tie the knot, and in many cases walk away after much exchange of fluids from both parties.  The woman who feels cheated, abused, and undignified will play extra-smart in a new affair to avoid a repeat of past mistakes, making them inclined to deceit.

The drive to avoid being outsmarted by the opposite gender in a relationship has led many young people into double-dating and insincerity an affair, resulting in break-ups becoming the order of the day in our present generation. The influence of wrong association, peer influence, and movies have emboldened many young ladies to play smart and wise in dealing with men, leading to them playing the whore and mud sliding the society to a valley of pollution and perversion.

It's quite unfortunate that men who are naturally groomed to take challenges, submerge fear, and conquer their territories in the family and society, feel less influential in matters of intimacy with the opposite sex. Many find their existence threatened and their hard work going down the drain because of betrayal from a spouse.

Also, the position of money in the success of a relationship cannot be over-emphasized. Many a deception is borne out of lack of money, the influence of money and comforts, and the power it brings to the wielder. A society that raises women to the status that puts them at par with men will make women downplay the necessity of respect a man desires in intimacy.

Jimmy Umana


Ok Tribe, we are going to continue this conversation in the next edition. Be sure to join in.

What is your take on this conversation?

What are the reasons for deception in relationships?

By the way, which category do you belong to? Are you the heart breaker or you belong to the set of people whose heart is continually shattered?

As for me, I belong to the lion Tribe (Please don't ask me what that means)

Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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  1. Hmm.
    Wahala be like relationship and deception.
    These 2 can only be genuinely separated in the life of an individual who lives for Christ and is being led by the Holy Spirit.

    Thank you for this particular topic

    1. Chai! Double wahala for who doesn't have the leading of the Holy Spirit then.

      But why deceive whom you claim to love though?

      Thanks for reading ToryTeller


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